Winely Announces Historic Breakthrough in Fermentation Analysis for Large Wine Tanks Through New Updates to IoT Tech & AI Algorithms for Improved Accuracy and Predictability

Winely is FIRST to Solve Key Industry Challenge of Autonomous Tank Monitoring in Extreme Pressure Conditions, Reliably and in Real Time, via Upgraded Algorithms and “Set & Forget” Experience

An Exocule company and AI-powered precision fermentation data-intelligence platform, which optimizes the tradition of winemaking, is proud to announce a historic advancement for the wine industry. Recent updates to the company’s Cloud-based technology and IoT in-tank sensors now make it possible for winemakers to continuously, reliably, and autonomously monitor and manage the fermentation status of their batches.

This new update equips both new and existing Winely sensors, with advanced pressure capabilities that enable them to withstand the immense pressure of even the most extreme tank conditions — in addition to the rich, real-time data analysis and visualization for which Winely products have become known.

“We couldn’t be more excited to debut the next iteration of our product,” said Abbe Hyde, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Winely. “The new enhancements allow for a ‘set & forget’ experience, meaning: our customers can easily self-install when transferring Winely’s device from tank to tank. Once positioned in the tank, they won’t ever have to think about the sensor again, as it can withstand even the most rigorous red wine ferment and high-pressure conditions. These create extremely difficult environments for technology to survive in, due to the intense pressures of reds, which is a problem that the industry has been trying to solve for the better part of two decades now. Winely is proud to finally address and achieve this long-standing, elusive goal within the industry.”

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With this new release, Winely customers gain improved sensor accuracy for measuring Brix/Baumé, along with enhanced data trust and real-time visualization, improved signal strength (even in rural areas), extended battery life, easy self-installation capabilities, advanced pressure withstanding, and the long-overdue ability to monitor large red fermentors autonomously and reliably. Previously, the only way to gain insight into fermentation was to put very expensive and hard-to-come-by precision sensors into a tank, generally limited to one sensor per attribute. Winely’s new and improved technology is able to capture millions of data points holistically at a low cost, while applying machine learning to that data to enable predictive vision on each ferment, enabling winemakers to get ahead of the game on each tank.

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“Our approach to this enhancement has been unique,” Hyde added. “The default approach by others has been to ‘just try a new sensor.’ Instead, our approach is to upgrade our algorithms. This means we can continue to iterate our product and improve its accuracy, even in the middle of a vintage, whilst the device is still in the tank — thereby enabling continuous upgrades through Cloud-based machine learning updates, rather than throwing away the hardware and starting discovery from scratch.”

These new product advancements have been made possible by working closely with our winemaker customers during the Southern Hemisphere Vintage, enabling us to take a giant leap forward in our mission to provide precision fermentation infrastructure for the global wine industry through biological visualization and predictive intelligence of every tank.

This next version of our technology will be available for Winely’s Northern Hemisphere pilot customers within California starting August of this year, and pre-orders are currently being accepted from Southern Hemisphere Customers for Vintage 2023 (to be installed in January 2023). A larger global rollout for Northern Hemisphere customers can also be expected for Vintage 2023, with many more new releases to come.

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