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Innovative online learning platforms, even sites like YouTube are transforming how people are learning, including how the global workforce is relying on quick-upskilling using on-demand training content. Users today want the freedom to be able to find engaging training content according to their schedule. How will business leaders, companies and the workforce experience new learning and training initiatives in 2021?

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YouTube has transformed the way people learn. They want the freedom to quickly find and absorb engaging training. People question why it takes five minutes to log into a LMS and find a course that prevents them from accessing the information they want immediately. They want recommendations and peer reviews. This lifestyle transformation has been adopted by forward-thinking companies to ensure they capture the interest of their clients. Creativity, immediacy, curation and innovation are all the assets that will continue to transform learning. –Doug Stephen, President, Learning Division at CGS

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One tech trend that we’ve implemented during COVID that we would like to continue doing in the near future is remote hiring and virtual interviews. Remote hiring is beneficial for shortening the ‘time to hire’ since interviews are conducted online and do not require an in-person presence. It is less complicated to schedule time for an interview – candidates used to be available only before or after a workday which really narrows down the availability of the hiring manager and candidate. With virtual interviews, we are able to move faster and get to know candidates quicker. –Daniel Weisblat, R&D HRBP and Recruitment Lead at



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