Report: An Organization’s Tech Stack Is a Key Differentiator in Attracting and Retaining Digital Talent

Contentful research reveals 85% of developers and digital marketers would leave a job or consider doing so based on dissatisfaction with the software and tools at their job

Contentful, the leading content platform for digital-first businesses, released a research report that found when it comes to digital builders – developers and digital marketers – the technology a company uses is essential to attract and retain top talent. The report is based on a survey of developers and digital marketers in the U.S.

Contentful’s Digital Builder report reveals that an overwhelming majority – 85% – said they would leave a job or consider doing so based on dissatisfaction with the software and tools they have to use in their job. Providing employees with the right technology in order to improve job satisfaction can help ensure the retention of high-performing employees. And when it comes to hiring, a clear majority (70%) of digital builders said the technology a company uses is “very important” to their decision to take a job. As the Great Resignation evolves into the Great Reshuffle, the technology a company uses could have a significant impact on whether they win or lose in the talent war.

“In  digital-first economy, delivering exceptional digital experiences to customers is an imperative for winning companies,” said Steve Sloan, CEO of Contentful.

Steve added, “Our survey shows that adopting the best software and tools will help attract, engage and enable the best developers and digital marketers who create those compelling customer experiences.”

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Innovation Over Burnout

According to the report, a majority of digital builders (58%) would prefer to spend their time at work innovating – finding better ways to do things and solving problems. However, 94% of digital builders responded that their ability to be creative and innovative in their work is limited by the technology they have available to accomplish their work. The report highlights how much innovation is reliant on technology with the following findings:

  • Innovation takes time, yet 61% of digital builders spend more than half of theirs on administrative tasks as opposed to creative work.
  • If given the chance to choose their own software to get their jobs done and remove technology-imposed limitations, digital builders would prioritize three factors: 1. speed, 2. functionality, and 3. flexibility.

Attracting Digital Builders

Contentful’s report reveals that for digital builders, access to the best tools demonstrates that their employers care about their happiness:

  • Two-thirds (66%) of digital builders indicated that the software they use impacts their job satisfaction “a lot.”
  • Another two-thirds (65%) said that the software and tools their company gives them to work with is a direct reflection of how they value them as an employee.

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Technology Enables Talent

Contentful’s report also highlights that technology can determine whether digital builders are excited or demotivated by ambitious goals:

  • Over three-quarters (78%) of digital builders believe their company needs to adopt new technology to enable employees to deliver against the company’s ambitious goals. Employee skill sets need to be augmented by technological capabilities to keep pace with growth expectations.
  • Digital builders’ top three priorities for choosing software – speed, functionality, and flexibility – align with their preference for API-first tools. 81% of builders who primarily work with API-first services say their companies release new products “fast” or “super fast.”

“Talented employees want to be positioned to do their best work, grow in their roles and expand their skill sets,” Sloan added. “Leaders can create an environment of growth by giving them the best technology to accelerate their creativity and innovation, not slow it down.”

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