Medallia Earns Fair Pay Workplace Certification

Certification program independently verifies organizations’ pay equity status to foster standardization, transparency, and promote sustained fair pay in the workplace

Medallia the global leader in customer and employee experience, announced that it has been certified by Fair Pay Workplace (“FPW”) for its effort to create sustainable fair pay in the workplace.

“Medallia has invested in pay equity for many years, and we are so proud to be the first experience management company to be Fair Pay Certified”

Built by leading independent industry experts across academia and business, the basis for FPW certification is a transparent and trusted set of rules and standards of measurement to differentiate organizations dedicated to true pay equity. Medallia worked with Fair Pay Workplace to review and independently verify the steps it is taking to achieve true equal pay across gender, race, and the intersection of gender and race.

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“Medallia has invested in pay equity for many years, and we are so proud to be the first experience management company to be Fair Pay Certified,” said Lauren Jackman, SVP, Global Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging at Medallia. “All employees deserve to have a fair and equitable experience at work, and we know equitable pay is a central part of that mission.”

Medallia made its first public commitment to equal pay by signing the Glassdoor Equal Pay Pledge in 2017. In 2019, the company became one of 13 inaugural signatories to the California Pay Equity Pledge, and in 2022 published its first UK Gender Pay Gap report. Medallia partnered with Fair Pay Workplace to fulfill pay equity commitments and ensure the method of analysis could be reviewed and validated by a third party to create confidence, trust, and transparency for employees, the general public, and stakeholders.

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“When companies claim to have achieved pay equity on their own, there is no way of verifying whether they took the optimal steps to do so or will be consistent with their efforts over time,” said Zev Eigen, Ph.D, Co-Founder of FPW. “We set out to establish and uphold standards to ensure that when organizations claim achievement of pay equity, they can stand behind their actions with sound methodologies and best practices to maintain and promote ongoing equity.”

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