Addressing Problems and Maintaining Healthy Workplace Culture: A Strategic Partnership Between OrgVitals and Incipio Workforce Solutions

OrgVitals, a company that provides cutting-edge technology of continuous employee feedback, delivers predictive insights and enhanced analyses to organizations to ensure that their organizational culture thrives. This is further strengthened through their partnership with Incipio Workforce Solutions, a company that is locating, hiring, and retaining top talent across multiple industries through combined employer branding, human resources, and applicant recruiting efforts. Together, they are helping companies overcome their pain points and helping each client find the healthiest way to improve their company culture. We asked Charley Miller, the CEO of OrgVitals, what some of these pain points are. He said, “sustainable high performance for individuals and organizational efficiency, developing a remarkable culture for a recruiting advantage, and holding on to highly skilled & top talent.”

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This partnership initially addresses and continuously assesses the culture of your organization to understand how work stress impacts employee well-being and undermines sustainable performance. Mark Handley, The Navigator of Incipio, said, “Before you can put together a plan to improve an organization’s culture, you need accurate and timely data that will allow you to assess the strengths and opportunities inherent in the culture that currently exists. This is exactly what OrgVitals allows us to do. In addition to the extremely effective diagnostics that their employee feedback tools provide, the flexibility and rapid deployability enables Incipio, and our clients, to track the progress and impact of our solutions and efforts.”You must continuously work toward maintaining a healthy culture, focusing on the needs of each person and creating a ripple effect of positive impacts within your organization! Feedback is critical from every process, task, person, relationship, and system present on this planet. Feedback, and the information it provides, allow us to determine what an organization needs, both initially and long-term. Mark says, “The data and information that OrgVitals provides is a critical initial and ongoing measure of the health of the organization’s culture, people, and processes.” Improve and maintain the health of your company culture with OrgVitals and Incipio Workforce Solutions.

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