Agilisium Consulting Chooses Catalincs to Become a Pre-eminent Data-On-Cloud Partner for Businesses Worldwide

Agilisium Consulting, a leading Amazon Web Services (AWS), data and advanced analytics company announced that it has chosen Catalincs Partners, a growth advisory firm, to help Agilisium become a pre-eminent data-on-cloud partner for businesses worldwide.

Catalincs is a 360° transformation partner, enabling technology companies to reimagine their business, operating and financial models to drive superior business value. The Partners coach and advise CEOs and their leadership teams on all aspects of business and help increase revenue and margins, catalyze value and drive superior customer and employee satisfaction.

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“In a short period of time, Agilisium has built a solid foundation and is today primed for accelerated growth,” said Raj Babu, Founder and CEO of Agilisium. “I am excited to partner with Catalincs, a growth advisory firm led by practitioners who have built and managed billion-dollar technology portfolios and businesses. This partnership brings to Agilisium across-the-board capabilities—from strategy, sales and marketing, delivery and operations, financial management to talent management—in a pay-for-value commercial model that’s a win-win for both Agilisium and Catalincs.”

“We are delighted to partner with Agilisium, a company that has had a consistent track record of providing solutions at the intersection of cloud and data, coupled with strong, long-term client relationships,” said Ram Murali, Partner, Catalincs. “The entrepreneurial leadership of Raj and his team, sharp focus on the life sciences industry, discipline of investing in innovation and talent build-out, and depth of cloud and data solutions, make for a perfect combination for delivering superior value to clients.”

“Life sciences companies—across pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices— are making significant progress in leveraging cloud and data across their entire value chain to develop new treatments and improve patient outcomes,” said Ramkumar Ramamoorthy, Partner, Catalincs. “To harness this massive market opportunity for data-driven insights, Catalincs will bring its 360° capabilities to enable Agilisium to drive outsized growth and value in the years ahead.”

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Agilisium engages with Catalincs in a ‘Grow First, Pay Later’ model. In this success and value-based commercial model, Agilisium will pay if and only if Catalincs helps accomplish the strong revenue growth, profitability and valuation milestones agreed upon at the commencement of the engagement.

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