Hourly by AMS and Talent Board Release New Data on High Volume Hiring

  • Nearly 70% Of Respondents Cite Speed in Hiring Processes Among Their Biggest Challenges in Filling Hourly Jobs.

Hourly by AMS, a mobile-first conversational recruiting solution for hiring hourly workers, released results of research commissioned to uncover and understand the biggest challenges facing talent acquisition professionals as they try to fill hourly jobs amidst today’s tight talent market. The 2021 High Volume Hiring Study: How Talent Acquisition Leaders are Navigating Challenges and Change, explores the current state of hiring, considering COVID-19 impacts and a job market facing unprecedented challenges. The study, conducted in collaboration with The Talent Board, studied nearly 300 recruiting and talent acquisition (TA) professionals worldwide.

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Survey respondents revealed unique insights on a broad range of topics around hiring, including the challenges of finding qualified candidates, low applicant volumes and the use of technology to bolster recruiting outcomes. The results shed light on today’s unique situation: the pandemic, and its long-term effects from both a societal and policy perspective, have created long-lasting impact on talent acquisition that hiring teams have to contend with daily.

“It’s impossible to understate how truly unique the current hiring landscape is — we have never seen anything like this labor market, and employers of hourly workers are being hit especially hard. Factors that we’ve never seen before have entered the equation in a major way, amplifying the typical challenges of hiring hourly workers.  This is a first-of-its-kind cocktail that has to be evaluated and navigated on the fly,” said Quincy Valencia, VP of Product Innovation at Hourly by AMS. “Partnering with The Talent Board to gather this insight is invaluable for us as we work to design technology that empowers hiring teams to move beyond the challenges they face in this new era.”

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The research revealed an increased sensitivity to speed and efficiency in recruiting, as employers find themselves competing for the attention of hourly talent like they’ve never seen before. Businesses dependent on hourly workers are not only struggling to attract qualified candidates (cited by 49% of respondents), they’re finding it to increasingly difficult to keep their attention – 37% noted that candidate ghosting is now their greatest challenge. These challenges are translating to a sharp rise in the critical time-to-fill metric for recruiters, with 79% of respondents citing they’re taking anywhere from a week to a month or longer to fill hourly jobs.

“We’re excited to partner with Hourly to advance the conversation around how high-volume hiring is changing, and better understand the challenges TA professionals are facing right now,” noted Kevin Grossman, Talent Board President. “We know that improved hiring outcomes and business impact is achievable through advancements in candidate experience, and this research provides leaders with the insight they need to drive meaningful change.”

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