PowerToFly Launches “Candidate Search”: a Breakthrough for Diverse Talent Recruitment

PowerToFly, a diversity talent acquisition platform connecting underrepresented talent to great careers, today announced a new feature available within the PowerPro product, Candidate Search. The new feature is set to transform talent acquisition by providing companies with a powerful tool to identify and recruit candidates from underrepresented backgrounds, bringing a new level of inclusivity and effectiveness to the hiring process.

Using the Enhanced Search feature within Candidate Search, recruiters are equipped to search for and select candidates based on specific diversity parameters like gender and ethnicity, among other identity markers candidates have and affinity groups they belong to. The streamlined process facilitates finding, shortlisting, and engaging potential candidates, all within a single intuitive search function.

Employers and recruiters now have the ability to find professionals who match various identity and skill markers, adding a new dimension to diversity recruiting — one that often wasn’t feasible with traditional candidate search tools.

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While competitors may use the term “diversity filters” to describe a similar feature, PowerToFly uses proprietary self-reported data from its community of 3.4 million diverse professionals to enhance candidate information, all while providing recruiters with a search experience that is more robust, expansive, and accurate compared to tools operated by platforms without a core DEIB focus.

On average, traditional talent acquisition teams can spend up to four hours curating a list of 100 qualified, diverse profiles using tools like LinkedIn. PowerPro’s Candidate Search enables recruiters to generate these lists in seconds.

In addition to its streamlining capabilities, Candidate Search is designed to foster inclusivity from the earliest stages of recruitment, aligning with PowerToFly’s core mission of engendering more diverse teams. The feature is readily accessible within PowerPro, PowerToFly’s comprehensive talent acquisition platform.

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“With the launch of Candidate Search, we are taking a crucial step forward in empowering companies to expand the pool of top talent they’re connecting with across all identity groups. With this feature, companies can continue building teams that reflect the identity demographics of the communities they’re serving and do this faster than ever before,” said Milena Berry, CEO and co-founder of PowerToFly.

The enhancement features in Candidate Search help mitigate unconscious biases that inadvertently impact hiring decisions, enabling companies to tap into the power of diverse perspectives to drive innovation and success.

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