Island Announces Broad Set of Powerful Enterprise Browser Tools to Enhance Workplace Productivity

Island, the leader and pioneer in the Enterprise Browser market,announced an advanced set of powerful and profoundly simple productivity tools for its award-winning Enterprise Browser, setting a new standard for workplace productivity.

“Historically, the browser has been viewed as a relatively unimportant, passive display and navigation tool”

These new capabilities will help companies dramatically streamline onboarding users, including contractors and third parties; speed up and improve customer satisfaction for frontline customer operations; significantly optimize workflows; and make employees across the enterprise more efficient and productive.

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“Historically, the browser has been viewed as a relatively unimportant, passive display and navigation tool,” said Mike Fey, Island CEO and Co-Founder. “But in today’s workplace, the browser has become the point of impact where nearly all work is done. That’s why we’ve designed the Island Enterprise Browser with not only fundamental security controls and governance built-in, but also with a host of unique customizable productivity and user experience enhancements. These powerful new features represent the next leap in enterprise productivity.”

Productivity Enhancements for the Island Enterprise Browser

  • Workspace Launch Page provides users with a custom homepage — tailored for individual roles, groups, and workplace locations — that serves up the specific workplace apps they need to be productive. It also includes contextual search of the given workspace so employees can navigate quickly to apps, history, and open tabs.
  • Smart Clipboard is a contextually aware, multi-entry intelligent clipboard that puts relevant information at workers’ fingertips. Front-line sales support, customer service agents and others now have immediate access, via one screen, to all the data needed to quickly and effectively serve customers. In addition, Smart Clipboard protects sensitive data by governing where data and screenshots can be pasted.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables organizations to modify SaaS or web app workflows without touching underlying code — for example, modernizing legacy apps with multi-factor authentication, removing obsolete fields, or selectively hiding actions or data for certain user groups. This provides enterprise teams with a degree of power and flexibility that simply wasn’t viable until now.
  • Browser Sync keeps bookmarks, preferences, tabs, history and more synchronized across all devices so workers can be productive, anywhere; a similar but faster experience to having your new smartphone automatically mirror your previous one. This allows workers to begin their work in one place, and pickup their work seamlessly in another place. Unlike consumer browsers, all synced data stays within enterprise control and is never shared with advertisers.
  • Digital Employee Experience dashboard provides granular metrics to help administrators identify and remediate application or network performance issues.

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  • Island AI Assistant puts the power of AI-enabled conversational chat at users’ fingertips inside their workflow while improving results based on contextual, task-based awareness, enabling workers to quickly research and summarize content, check code for bugs, generate ideas, and much more.
  • Familiar Chromium User Interface ensures users have a natural browsing experience with zero learning curve and no added latency. Unlike virtualization or remote browser isolation (RBI) technologies, the Island Enterprise Browser offers direct application access without adding additional network hops that can degrade performance.

The Island Enterprise Browser is used across all industries, including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, retail, aviation, and technology. Learn more about how customers are transforming the employee experience while improving security and IT operations with Island.

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