twine Launches Ambient, an AI Chief of Staff Designed to Break Down Knowledge Silos

 twine, announced Ambient, a new Generative AI product designed to break down knowledge silos, and help hybrid and in person teams connect the dots across departments and business systems.

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“An explosion of SaaS tools and hybrid work has created a crisis of knowledge management for the modern company,” says twine co-founder Lawrence Coburn. “Knowledge is increasingly fragmented across multiple systems and employees, leading to lost productivity. We built Ambient to address this problem, and to help company leaders disseminate critical business context across their org.”

Ambient works by connecting powerful AI toolsets with data exhaust lurking in various SaaS systems such as Zoom, Slack, Teams, and Google Meet. For example, by summoning the Ambient bot to your Zoom or Teams meeting, you can generate and share a near instant AI summary of your meeting, complete with easy access to the transcript and raw recording.

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AI Summaries can be tagged and threaded to to allow a complete, cross system view of a customer, workflow, or project.

“As a Product Leader, it’s crucial for me to keep our engineers ‘close to the metal’ and give them direct access to customer and prospect feedback,” says twine co-founder Taylor McLoughlin. “Ambient makes this really easy by automatically taking notes and generating summaries. Over time, detecting patterns, feature priorities, and obstacles becomes clear as day.”

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