Talkpush Releases the First Recruitment Chatbot for Instagram

Talkpush released the first ever recruitment chatbots that lets candidates search and apply for jobs without leaving Instagram.

Talkpush, the leader in high volume recruitment automation, announced it has released the first recruitment conversational AI for Instagram. Talkpush was able to deliver the same capabilities it has on other messaging platforms, such as Messenger and WhatsApp, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and answer candidate questions, carrousels to let them explore career options, audio and video pre-screening question to qualify them for a specific position.

Facebook recently announced the expansion of the Messenger API access for all businesses on Instagram. This allows the Talkpush Conversational Design team to integrate Instagram messaging capabilities into its already rich messaging ecosystem, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS and email. Letting job seekers decide which channel they prefer to interact with, makes it easier for them to apply without having to install new apps or disrupt their activities. Thus, expanding the talent pool that employers can consider.

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Instagram is a great place to hire for service industries

With over 1 billion monthly users worldwide, Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms today, particularly among young professionals. With the bulk of their users aged 18-34, it is a perfect platform for high volume employers in service industries. Thanks to its live broadcasts, reels, and Instagram stories, it is the leading social media network for brands with a strong visual component. As such, Instagram is popular among many industries like education, entertainment, fashion, food and beverages, health and wellness, real estate and retail.

Talkpush is known for designing conversational AIs for some of the leading employers in the world, including Adecco, Walmart and McDonalds. As part of a new rollout, Talkpush will design chatbots to match the employer, customizing its personality, language, style, look and feel, avatar and of course how it handles different scenarios. Once released, a recruitment chatbot serves as a 24/7 helper to the recruitment team that can answer questions and reinforce the employer value proposition with every incoming inquiry. This service was limited to career websites, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber until this week. Before this new release, traffic from Instagram had to be redirected to a Facebook Messenger chatbot or a career site to complete their application, which would hurt conversion rates.

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“Hiring in VXI only gets better! With Vixie on IG, we become more accessible to our market and it allows us to diversify our candidate pool.” – Mariel De Guzman, Talent Acquisition Manager, VXI Philippines

Replacing resumes and career websites with rich media

The Talkpush recruitment chatbot for Instagram offers a rich interactive experience for candidates who can do the following via Instagram Direct Message:

  • Ask open-ended questions and get immediate answers
  • Submit videos of themselves explaining why they are qualified for the role
  • Browse through custom menus so they can learn more about the employer

Recruiters are able to engage with candidates on Instagram without leaving the Talkpush platform, and can:

  • Set up rules to automatically shortlist, reject, schedule interviews with candidates according to predetermined criteria
  • Jump in at any time and take over the conversation with a candidate from the AI bot
  • Create candidate profiles and share it with the hiring manager Set up automated prompts for candidates to complete next steps, remind them of scheduled interviews, or documents required.

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