First-of-its-Kind Smart Drive Time Feature from Talroo Improves the Talent Attraction Process by Incorporating Candidate Location, Commute Time, and Distance

As remote work openings for Frontline Workers continue to decline, Talroo innovates with the release of its Smart Drive Time feature, benefiting both job seekers and employers using Talroo’s platform. By incorporating location and commute times, Talroo delivers a win-win for employers and candidates alike with easy-to-use job search and targeting elements.

Talroo, the leading provider of technology to power the recruitment of frontline, essential and skilled workers, is pleased to announce the release of its innovative new Smart Drive Time feature. It addresses the growing need for location-based work demonstrated by the Talroo Frontline Worker Index, which confirms that the amount of work-from-home positions has decreased by 60% compared to the 2022 baseline (source: Talroo Frontline Worker Index, April 2024). Employers using the Smart Drive Time feature in Talroo’s Ad Platform can improve the quality of matched candidates by ensuring their job ads are displayed to job seekers within a certain time-to-commute (in addition to geographic distance). In turn, the feature alerts candidates if a position is outside of an acceptable time-to-commute.

“We’re incredibly excited to release this commute-time oriented feature for employers and job seekers,” said Thad Price, CEO of Talroo. “The Smart Drive Time feature on Jobs2Careers eliminates some of the top pain points for job seekers and employers alike, a need that is only growing as shown by our Frontline Worker Index data. The most commonly used geographic targeting is a radius of 30 miles: this can translate into commute times of more than 2 hours based on the region. Employers and job seekers can target, screen, and filter by both commute time and geographic location. This will improve the quality of candidates and fight the ghosting that occurs when a candidate underestimates their commute.”

“We’re incredibly excited to release this commute-time oriented feature for employers and job seekers,” said Thad Price, CEO of Talroo.

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Highlighting just one example from Talroo’s home state of Texas, there is only a 10-mile geographic distance between the residential San Leon community and the commercial hiring area of Port Bolivar Galveston. However, the average drive time is 1 hour and 30 minutes. By revealing these discrepancies between geographic distance, which may appear short, and average drive time, which is actually significantly longer, Talroo can better match the right candidates to the right jobs.

Talroo’s Smart Drive Time feature consists of several elements available throughout its platforms, improving quality of match for both employers and job seekers:

● SmartScreen location detection and alerts: job seekers using Talroo’s SmartScreen chatbot and viewing a job more than 20 miles outside of their location will be alerted of the longer commute time before applying.
● Maximum drive time filters: Employers have the ability to set custom limits on maximum drive times (in addition to distance) to control when their jobs will be shown to candidates.
● Drive time job search filters: Job seeker’s search results will be filtered to only show jobs with a maximum drive time of 30 minutes or less, the most common maximum desired commute for frontline workers.
● Estimated Drive Time labels: Jobs on Jobs2Careers now include the drive time estimation directly in the search results page, providing further visibility.

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