CV Wallet Launches Industry-First Recruiter Platform to Deliver Verified and Qualified Candidates at the Start of Hiring

CV Wallet, the revolutionary new hiring ecosystem, is introducing a pioneering SaaS-based hiring platform for recruiters. It uniquely delivers only qualified and verified applicants right at the start of the recruitment process, getting recruiters closer to the hire and transforming recruitment efficiency.

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Known at Resume Wallet in the US, CV Wallet’s hiring platform addresses longstanding issues in recruitment: indiscriminate job advertising, talent pool data maintenance and spiralling CV inaccuracies.

The new recruiter platform is built on the back of CV Wallet’s career management app, using the latest blockchain and AI technology to deliver the 5 per cent[i] of candidates who are actually qualified for the role at the start of the recruitment process, rather than at the end. It achieves this by sitting as a thin autonomous layer at the start of the existing hiring process, verifying applicants as they come in.

Richard Collins, co-founder of CV Walletco-founder of CV Wallet, said: “With our new hiring platform, we’re transforming the way recruitment happens. Our use of cutting-edge technologies creates a recruitment experience that meets the demands of the digital age, where AI has exacerbated the challenge of wading through unsuitable applications. We’re introducing tools that redefine how recruiters source, verify, and engage with jobseekers, making the entire process faster and more effective.”

The recruiter platform seamlessly integrates into recruiters’ existing tech stack. Its key features include:

  • Verification tools: Speeding up the recruitment process by swiftly qualifying and verifying applicants at the very beginning.
  • Talent clouds: Enhancing talent pool management by allowing candidates to securely control and update their personal data.
  • Programmatic skills-based sourcing: Automating candidate sourcing based on specific skill sets.

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Beverly Collins, co-founder of CV Wallet, said: “This is a game changer. CV Wallet’s platform for recruiters is ripping up the hiring process, empowering jobseekers while slashing the wasted effort inherent in hiring. Recruiters can now skip the tedious CV sifting process and dive straight into meaningful interactions with qualified applicants. Along with our career management app, we’re ensuring candidates are in control of their data while recruiters can cut to the chase with effective and timely hires.”

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