CollegeVine Introduces Student Environment Explorer: A Free Recruitment Tool For Building Diverse Classes in Compliance with New Admissions Regulations

CollegeVine, the world’s largest professional network connecting students and school counselors with colleges announced the launch of the Student Environment Explorer (SEE), a groundbreaking recruitment tool designed to help enrollment teams find and recruit diverse classes while complying with the new rules surrounding race-conscious admissions.

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“The reversal of affirmative action has fundamentally changed the way we consider race as it relates to access, equity, and inclusion in higher education”

With the Supreme Court’s recent ruling to end the use of race in college admissions, institutions now face significant challenges in creating diverse incoming classes, particularly when recruiting Black and Hispanic students. CollegeVine’s Student Environment Explorer brings together IPEDS, Census Bureau, and over seven years of proprietary CollegeVine data from over five million students, all in one place, to help admissions teams explore the ethnic and academic make-up of states, counties, neighborhoods, and high schools. They can then filter by test scores and grade point averages (GPA) to build a list of the specific counties and schools they should focus on to recruit their targeted populations of Black and Hispanic students.

The Student Environment Explorer is free for any college or university and can be accessed here:

“The reversal of affirmative action has fundamentally changed the way we consider race as it relates to access, equity, and inclusion in higher education,” said Jonathan Wehner, Vice President and Dean of Admissions, Enrollment Management, and Student Services at Cleveland State University. “We are making every effort to ensure that our living learning experience remains enriching and reflective of the diverse communities we serve. We’re very excited to use the Student Environment Explorer as it gives us real-time data insights into Black and Hispanic students, their high schools, and environment, making it an invaluable tool for recruitment.”

The Student Environment Explorer helps college admissions teams:

  • Find the states and counties that have their target populations of Black and Hispanic students. College admissions teams can filter by ethnicity, test scores, and GPA to get a sorted ranking of the states and counties where they should focus their recruitment efforts.
  • Get the demographic and academic breakdowns of neighborhoods and counties. Schools can drill down into specific zip codes and neighborhoods to get a snapshot of ethnicity, test scores, and GPA distributions in specific geographies.
  • See an adversity snapshot of specific high schools. Admissions teams will have access to powerful contextual data about every high school in the country. They’ll get visibility into class size, average SAT and ACT scores, graduation rates, median family income and other environmental data to determine how to engage and admit students in these high schools.

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“Accessing current market and environmental data for student recruitment has always been difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to analyze. This has put smaller higher education institutions at a disadvantage compared to larger schools with more resources,” said Vinay Bhaskara, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of CollegeVine. “The Student Environment Explorer changes all of that. Now, every institution can have access to valuable information about Black and Hispanic students, completely free and in real-time. And history has shown that when information and data are made accessible to everyone, it leads to transformative changes for entire industries and the organizations within them.”

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