Sage Introduces “Alex” – The AI Avatar Revolutionizing Member Masterclass

Sage, the leader in accounting, financial, HR and payroll technology for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), has announced the launch of its first AI-generated business avatar in Season 4 of Member Masterclass. “Embracing the opportunities of AI: Insights from an AI-generated expert” presented by AI-avatar, Alex, is part of Sage’s industry-leading series of talks and articles for customers.

AI tools have increased among U.S. SMBs as they seek ways gain more time from repetitive tasks to grow their business. With more than half (57%) “eager” to expand their knowledge of generative AI, resources like Sage’s Member Masterclass offer information into this expanding area. Created via generative AI tools, with human approval, Alex’s Member Masterclass will guide the small and medium-sized business community through the intricate landscape of AI, with Alex providing an insightful overview of its evolution and the groundbreaking implications it has in various sectors, such as finance.

“Artificial Intelligence is not just the future; it’s the now,” said Cath Keers, Chief Marketing Officer at Sage. “With Alex, we are demonstrating AI’s potential to reinvent business interactions, while also fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the technology. By tapping into the capabilities of AI and elevating human work, businesses can navigate a future with more opportunities. Alex reflects this approach.”

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Alex’s Masterclass explores:

  • Demystifying what AI is and its transformative influence on contemporary business.
  • Tracing the milestones in the evolution of AI to provide a holistic perspective.
  • Spotlighting how AI is reshaping the financial landscape with automation, predictive analysis, and innovative solutions.

Season 4 of Sage’s Member Masterclass, Thriving in a Changing World, is produced in partnership with The DO Lectures. The series recognizes that being able to deal with change is an essential business skill and highlights how businesses can not only adapt but succeed in a continuously evolving landscape.

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