Papaya Global Expands its US Workforce Offering

With this expansion, Papaya Global provides a complete suite of solutions including Payroll, EoR and PEO, to drive growth by enabling global organizations to hire confidently in the US market

 Papaya Global, the only unified Payroll & Payments platform, today announced the expansion of its US workforce and payroll capabilities. The expansion provides Papaya Global’s client base with a holistic US Payroll, EoR, and PEO solution.

US workforce management is unique because of its complex tax system, varying state and local labor laws, employment classification, “at-will” employment, and document retention guidelines.

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Papaya Global offers a made-to-measure solution to empower organizations of all sizes to navigate US payroll complexities, legally and compliantly. Harnessing superior technology and a team of Designated Country Experts, Papaya Global best tends to specific organizational challenges across all fifty states, offering best value for competitive prices.

Papaya Global eliminates the need for establishing local entities and enables global organizations to manage their workforce in the United States with its EoR solution. For clients who do have local US entities, Papaya provides payroll and PEO solutions, as necessary for all employment models, including US employees (W9), Non-US employees (W8), and contractors (1099 workers).

“The challenge of US payroll is greater than the sum of regulations in 50 states. It’s extremely complex,” said Eynat Guez, CEO and Co-Founder of Papaya Global. “Each state has its own labor laws, that dictate anything from minimum wage, percentages of contributions, family leave, as well as city and state taxes. Papaya Global’s complete suite of tools enables our customers to effortlessly navigate every situation.”

Via integrations and partnerships with leaders in the HR and payroll industry like Namely, Bob, Zenefits, and NetSuite, Papaya Global’s expanded US payroll capabilities offer fully customized and compliant Payroll, EoR, and PEO solutions to handle multi-state employment. This includes competitively priced medical and benefit plans for each state, which can be tailored specifically for every business’s needs.

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Papaya Global’s AI-powered payroll tech unifies payroll and payment processes, providing full liability and documentation, supported by its bank-level licenses and its partnership with J.P. Morgan and Citibank.

Papaya Global has been recognized as one of TIME100’s Most Influential Companies for 2023. Other accolades include Forbes Cloud 100, CNBC Top 25 Enterprise Technology, and Inc’s Best Firms to Help Your Company Succeed.

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