OpenSesame Partners with Bigger Brains to Improve Productivity E-learning Course Library

Bigger Brains Added to Opensesame Plus Subscription

One of the leading e-learning innovators, OpenSesame, recently declared the addition of Bigger Brains to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription. The company did this in order to broaden its curated library of software training and business skills courses. Employee engagement is a top priority for talent development in organizations. For this reason, enterprises are moving from expensive, in-person classroom training modules to e-learning platforms.

Many of the Global 2000 companies are using the OpenSesame platform to foster a learning culture among their employees. This inspires employees and boosts teams as well as leaders. Not only this, but it also increases productivity to a great extent. The OpenSesame Plus subscription now comes with Bigger Brains content in addition to over 5,000 curated courses. This is going to further enhance the credibility of teams.

The Collaboration Will help Enhance Employee Productivity Skills

Spencer Thornton, Senior Vice President of Curation at OpenSesame told that while costly and time-consuming, classroom training did provide many benefits, and adding Bigger Brains content to the OpenSesame Plus subscription will further help companies harvest the benefits of classroom training combined with the convenience of e-learning. He added that this will be done with the help of a distinctive format that delivers interaction and engagement. In addition, this will help enhance employee productivity skills.

Bigger Brains builds on and improves the concept of in-person classroom training and offers the same benefits to the employees. It works on their interaction, interrogation, dialogue, and humor with its “Uniquely Engaging”™ teacher/learner video-based format. The company offers a diverse library covering productivity, software, and management topics by its state-of-the-art product, Bigger Brains.

Chip Reaves, President of Bigger Brains, stated that OpenSesame had much superior quality standards than any other e-learning course aggregator available worldwide. He added, “Joining the OpenSesame Plus subscription allows us to expand the reach of our Microsoft and productivity courses to more global enterprises who expect the best, unique, curated content.”

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