New Study Discovers Data Scientists Leave Their Jobs After Less Than 2 Years

Carried out by 365 Data Science Ltd., the study reveals that today’s most in-demand data professionals will switch employers in just 1.7 years on average

365 Data Science, a renowned platform for online data science education with more than 1.5 million students, has published its annual study delineating the profile of the typical data scientist in 2021. “As each year, we studied the publicly available LinkedIn profiles of 1,001 working data scientists to discover trends in education, experience, and job mobility – all important aspects for anyone aiming to land a job in the field,” Ned Krastev, co-founder of 365 Data Science, explains.

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To reduce geographical bias, the study comprised data from the US (35%), the UK (25%), the EU (25%), and India (15%).

Key Findings: Programming Know-How, High Turnover

According to the data analyzed, the majority of today’s data scientists are male (82%), proficient in Python programming (85%) and SQL (82%). A Bachelor’s degree is still very much a prerequisite, although professionals who hold Master’s Degrees take the lead by a narrow margin (56%).

However, the most curious insights revolve around the years of experience and the profession’s unexpectedly rapid turnover. The study’s findings reveal that the data scientist in 2021 is a highly qualified individual with an average of 6.2 years of professional experience in the field. Presently working for a large tech company, the typical data scientist has changed employers at least twice since 2017, and most probably won’t spend more than 1.7 years at their current workplace. A very small minority of the sample (2%) haven’t switched companies over the past 5 years.

“In a field with such a staggering turnover rate, employers face the necessity to train new hires fast and efficiently. In this respect, practical online data science courses like those offered by 365 Data Science can be an optimal solution for employee upskilling,” Ned Krastev shares.

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Training the World’s Data Science Professionals

365 Data Science Ltd. is an industry-leading data science platform designed to provide comprehensive, high-quality online education to students and working professionals, regardless of their current occupation or level of experience. Once certified, they are fully equipped with the tools to embark on rewarding careers as data scientists, data analysts, and business analysts.

“Traditional degrees are costly, take a lot of time, and are rarely compatible with our busy lifestyles,” Ned Krastev says. “With the demand for data science professionals continuously on the rise, 365 Data Science offers an excellent alternative – a flexible and affordable training that creates career opportunities for aspiring data professionals all over the world.”

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