HireVue Delivers Game-Based Assessments for Measuring Job-related Emotional Intelligence

Game-Based Assessments Accurately Measure Emotional Skills Relevant to Workplace Performance

HireVue, provider of the most comprehensive suite of AI-driven talent assessment and video interviewing solutions, has added new game-based assessments that measure job-related emotional intelligence to its suite of validated game-based assessments. E-Motions, TeamChat, LeaderChat and Pulse together measure empathy, influence and impulsivity. These new assessments provide hiring managers with research-backed insights into social abilities that are directly related to employability, job performance and leadership, improving their ability to hire the best talent for the job.

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“Game-based assessments that measure ’emotional IQ’ build upon the understanding of cognitive ability, enabling hiring managers to understand more about a candidate’s abilities,” said Loren Larsen, Chief Technology Officer at HireVue. “Cognitive ability is important, but it’s just one piece of the complex puzzle that determines candidate success alongside job-specific skills and competencies. Having multiple layers of objective criteria helps hiring managers make better hiring decisions that ultimately have an impact on team productivity and ultimately on an organization’s bottom line.”

HireVue’s emotional intelligence games are already being successfully used by one of the UK’s largest retail employers for graduate and apprentice hiring. To date, over 9,000 candidates have completed TeamChat and E-Motions, as well as two games measuring cognitive ability. With short completion times, a validated assessment of both cognitive and emotional abilities can be achieved in a single, engaging testing session.

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E-Motions: Modeled after emotion recognition tasks commonly used in business psychology, E-Motions measures empathy, defined as an individual’s ability to read and recognize emotions in others. Participants watch a series of three- to five-second video clips to assess their ability to recognize six basic human emotions: anger, fear, disgust, happiness, surprise and sadness. Faces shown in the videos represent a diverse spectrum, including considerations for ethnicity, gender and age. E-Motions scores provide hiring managers with a more complete understanding of candidates’ abilities and perspectives, helping them more rapidly find and hire talented candidates who will be successful working within increasingly diverse teams.

At a time when business leaders are asking teams to navigate ever more complex problems and challenges, hiring professionals report that empathy is being seen as relevant to job roles in more fields than traditionally considered, such as social work, nursing and education.

HireVue is transforming the way companies discover, hire and develop the best talent by combining the power of video, games and AI for better hiring decisions. The HireVue Assessments and Video Interviewing Platform uses a ground-breaking combination of industrial/organizational science and rigorously tested, predictive artificial intelligence to help customers find and engage higher quality talent, faster. HireVue is available worldwide in over 30 languages and has hosted more than 12 million on-demand interviews and one million assessments. Its more than 700 customers worldwide include over one-third of the Fortune 100 and leading brands such as Unilever, Hilton, JP Morgan Chase, Delta Air Lines, Vodafone, Carnival Cruise Line, and Goldman Sachs.

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