GR8 People Transforms Talent CRM Market With Intelligent Automation That Powers Lead Journeys

Automated lead journeys put lists of actionable talent in recruiters’ hands, enabling them to hire higher quality candidates faster.

Leading talent acquisition software innovator GR8 People unveils new capabilities to its G2 High Performer Enterprise Talent CRM, delivering the industry’s first persistent talent engagement platform powered by truly intelligent automation.

“Our team chose to keep what works with existing Talent CRM technology in place while further leveraging intelligent automation and introducing rules-based lead journeys,” explains Chief Product Officer Jayne Kettles. “The reality is that very few organizations have a recruitment marketer dedicated to managing the day-to-day campaign needs and community member oversight associated with existing candidate relationship management software. And recruiters simply don’t have the time these traditional systems require given that they’re already stretched too thin. GR8 CRM solves for this with an automated talent pool model that eliminates the complexity of prior systems.”

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GR8 CRM’s innovative features and functionality address the following opportunities:

  • Elevate candidate experiences.
    Letting candidates be added to multiple talent “communities” or pools may have seemed like a good thing during the early days of Talent CRM technology. Unfortunately, it’s resulted in siloed records management that leads to overlapping communications and poor candidate experiences. Automated talent pool technology ensures that an individual is added to a talent pool as a lead based on a primary career area of interest. This allows for a relevant and timely lead journey while also giving recruiters robust segmentation tools within talent pools to tailor talent strategies as needed to fill open requisitions.
  • Predict hiring success.
    Recruiters no longer need to worry about creating Talent CRM outreach campaigns on an ad hoc basis when they find a few minutes to spare. Instead, GR8 CRM works for them through automation that manages candidate engagement paired with pre-defined rules for the lead journey, while built-in questionnaires assess each lead’s qualifications, interest and engagement. This gives recruiters what they need to hire quality candidates fast by delivering actionable lists of people they can tap into immediately.
  • Meaningful visibility into talent pipelines.
    Prior CRMs were also limited in their ability to provide clear insight into the status of community members, including those that had applied and were under consideration for an opportunity. With pre-defined lead journeys built around assessments, recruiters have real-time access to dashboards that show who is engaged, qualified and ready to make a change. Talent pool leads under consideration are automatically removed from the pool, closing the gap to give talent acquisition much-needed visibility into their talent pipelines along with the metrics that demonstrate Talent CRM ROI.

“We believe the sole purpose of a Talent CRM is to make talent acquisition teams more effective at engaging with and moving qualified, interested and available talent through the hiring cycle as quickly as possible,” adds CEO Diane Smith. “This approach does exactly that and is a reflection of our position that every GR8 People product is developed with the user’s point of view at the center of our efforts.”

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