Emergency University Announces ‘FlexForce Risk Management’ an Innovative Platform for Transitioning Global Workforces to Telework

Emergency University’s (EU) innovative transformation platform enables corporations to experience the financial benefit of restructuring their workforce to permanently “work-from-home,” while mitigating the risks and pitfalls that result from failure to comply with country-specific regulatory requirements.

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EU’s FlexForce Risk Management allows corporations to safely reduce cross-departmental company expenses, including leases, building management and workplace services, improving  the “bottom line” during these challenging times.  Research studies estimate that restructuring saves at least ten thousand dollars per employee per year.

Transitioning a global workforce to “working-from-home” without careful attention to complying with the laws and regulations in each country results in costly fines, penalties, corporate civil and criminal liability, as well as management personal liability.

EU’s medical and legal professionals interpret and synthesize global regulations into an easy-to-use compliance management platform to avert risk.

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FlexForce Risk Management minimizes the work of Risk Management, HR, Finance and Contract Negotiation teams, while compassionately and effectively supporting employees.

Peter Schaffer, Senior Director Global Real Estate and Workplace Services at Fitbit stated, “EU is an innovator on the leading edge in addressing ever evolving Health, Safety, and Regulatory business challenges. Their platforms and online tools are robust, intuitive, scalable, and readily accessible as an ongoing process and reference tool.”

“We’re proud to add FlexForce Risk Management to our extensive line of health and safety products and services,” says Doron Braun, EU’s CEO. “Our Fortune 500 clients have expressed their gratitude for efficiently managing their personnel’s transition, significantly benefiting both the corporation and their employees.”

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