Top 5 Machine Learning Trends in 2021-2022

In 2021, recent innovations in machine learning have made a great deal of tasks more feasible, efficient, and precise than ever before. Based on analysis of MobiDev’s AI team experience, we have listed the latest innovations in machine learning to benefit businesses in 2021-2022:

Trend 1. TinyML
It can take time for a web request to send data to a large server for it to be processed by a machine learning algorithm and then sent back. Instead, a more desirable approach might be to use ML programs on edge devices – we can achieve lower latency, lower power consumption, lower required bandwidth, and ensure user privacy.

Trend 2. AutoML
Auto-ML brings improved data labeling tools to the table and enables the possibility of automatic tuning of neural network architectures. Evgeniy Krasnokutsky PhD, AI/ML Solution Architect at MobiDev, explains: “Traditionally, data labeling has been done manually by outsourced labor. This brings in a great deal of risk due to human error. Since AutoML aptly automates much of the labeling process, the risk of human error is much lower.”

Trend 3. Machine Learning Operationalization Management (MLOps)
MLOps provides a new formula that combines ML systems development and ML systems deployment into a single consistent method. Dealing with more and more data on larger scales requires greater degrees of automation – MLOps can easily address systems of scale.

Trend 4. Full-stack Deep Learning
A large demand for “full-stack deep learning” results in the creation of libraries and frameworks that help engineers to automate some shipment tasks and education courses that help engineers to quickly adapt to new business needs.

Trend 5. General Adversarial Networks (GAN)
GANs produce samples that must be checked by discriminative networks which toss out unwanted generated content. Similar to branches of government, General Adversarial Networks offer checks and balances to the process and increase accuracy and reliability.

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Businesses need to innovate to achieve goals in novel and unique ways to truly stake a corner in the market and break into new futures that previously were thought to be science fiction.

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