TrailPath Workplace Solutions Launches a Revolutionary Learning and Business Management System to Combat Looming Workforce and Workplace Crises

Today marks the debut of TrailPath Workplace Solutions. TrailPath Workplace Solutions (TWS) is a workplace and people development company, leveraging modernized methods and technologies to build Meaningful Employment Environments™. TWS provides a disciplined learning framework, business management system and defined pathways for the advancement of organizations, leaders, and team members.

Robert Martichenko, co-founder of TWS states, “We are experiencing significant workforce disruption. This is evident as we witness unprecedented changes in all issues surrounding our ability to attract, recruit, develop and retain top talent. From the pandemic-related recognition of frontline workers to the continued conversation of work-from-home, to upward pressure on wages to high levels of team member turnover and worker shortages, the fact is, the conversation relative to our workforces has changed fundamentally.”

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TWS’s research has uncovered some concerning trends:

– 44% of team members believe their company does not make organizational decisions with their best interests in mind.

– 54% do not feel their company is committed to their well-being.

– 45% report merely surviving or declining in their roles.

– 35% say they are not fully engaged at work.

In today’s workforce, there are only two available people for every three jobs. The American workforce is rapidly approaching a perilous demographic shift with 72 million people expected to retire within the next six years. And finally, there has been an attitudinal shift where people have choices and expectations and an inversion in the power dynamic is being felt across industries.

It is time to sound the alarm.

“These challenges call for modernization of how organizations address workplace instability. Most companies recognize that their people are their most significant resource, yet these resources are now under extreme stress. The consequences are dire: escalating costs, high turnover, service delivery instability, poor customer experiences, low morale, and commitment, decreased productivity, and increased organizational risk and stress,” states Matt Melrose, co-founder of TWS.

TWS offers a proven solution. Through its proprietary NxtPath learning and business management system, TWS provides organizations with a highly effective way to build Meaningful Employment Environments™ where both people and organizations thrive. By infusing dignity, meaningful work, and clear pathways for growth, TrailPath Workplace Solutions can ignite durable progress in workplace stability.

TWS recognizes that the intersection between team-member success and organizational prosperity is inextricably linked. Organizations that commit to re-envisioning the foundational environment for their team members will be able to successfully navigate today’s tumultuous workforce dynamics.

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