This Low-Tech Tool Gives Students and Educators More of What Online Learning Is Missing

While many look forward to “normal” classes this fall, the demand for options in learning remains on the rise, independent of the current pandemic.  The fact is COVID-19 merely fast-tracked what was already in motion.

Online Charter Schools, homeschooling, dual enrollment, and hybrid education models were gaining popularity long before the pandemic. A trend experts predict will continue long after.

As a result, today’s educators are bombarded with another app to learn, another USB port to install, in order to accommodate yet another device while the proverbial “baby in the bathwater,” much-needed personal connection, is being thrown out.

Tutorcam Stand is bridging the gap between in person learning and online convenience. With this simple tool, classrooms of all types can offer better visuals, more clarity in instructions, and much less down time.

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“The genius is its simplicity,” Brandon Kennington, inventor of Tutorcam Stand, explains. “We’ve uncomplicated education today by offering students more of what is most effective in learning: personal, real time instruction and demonstrations they can easily follow. We call it our low-tech solution because all you need to use it with is everything you already have, your mobile phone or tablet.”

Tutorcam Stand allows educators, tutors, therapists, and library instructors to project their workspace out-of-the-box to lesson in under two minutes.

The instructions for use are simple:

  1. Using your mobile phone or tablet, connect to whatever platform you’re already familiar with.
  2. Place your phone or tablet on Tutorcam Stand, aligning the mobile device’s camera with Tutorcam Stand’s magnetic prism.
  3. Watch “Huh?” turn into “A-HA!” while you model penmanship, demonstrate crafting techniques, display math manipulatives and so much more, as if you’re sitting right next to them.

Tutorcam Stand isn’t just for online use either. In classrooms, it can be used to project lessons onto a large screen so that every seat in the room has a perfect view of what’s being discussed.

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This eliminates complaints of “I can’t see” or requiring students to leave their chairs to gather around for a demonstration. By keeping lessons moving fluidly, it increases learning retention while reducing the side effects of unnecessary interruptions.

Tutorcam Stand has already proven its effectiveness in schools and education centers all over the country.

Bonnie Meyers, a Barton and Spelling Certified tutor raves, “I truly appreciate Tutorcam Stand, mostly because it has allowed me to actually see what my students are writing and how they are forming letters. I teach children with dyslexia how to read.”

Bonnie goes on to explain how Tutorcam Stand helped with real time instruction, “Before we had Tutorcam Stands, they could write on paper, but then they’d hold up their completed writing to show me, as best they could. By that point the letters were already formed, writing had already happened, and there was no way to correct them.”

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