Simplilearn Joins Forces With University of California San Diego Division of Extended Studies to Accelerate Digital Skills Training

Bootcamps for learners with real-time practice and hands-on learning opportunities will expand the talent pool of high-skilled tech professionals.

Simplilearn, the world’s #1 online boot camp for digital skills training announced a partnership with the University of California San Diego (UC San Diego) Division of Extended Studies to bring enhanced digital economy skills training to professionals and students in the United States, providing them the competitive advantage for well-paying, in-demand jobs in the state of California and beyond.

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The Division of Extended Studies is housed within UC San Diego, ranked #1 among the world’s ‘Golden Age’ universities, and is certain to bring strong value to the learning and growth trajectory of professionals. With a vision to empower learners with industry-oriented and marketable skills, this partnership will help nurture cohorts of high-quality professionals. The programs are curated with an aim to help bridge the skills gap in the region through an offering of relevant digital upskilling tracks. With California state Employment Development Department reports indicating that employers added 47,300 nonfarm payroll jobs in May 2023, it’s clear that the demand for well-equipped, job-ready employees continues to grow.

Mr. Anand Narayanan, Chief Product Officer, Simplilearn said, “Owing to the demand for high-quality skilled professionals in today’s competitive market, it has become imperative for the workforce to upskill to be able to thrive and succeed in the digital economy. In lieu of this, our partnership with UC San Diego’s Division of Extended Studies is aimed at nurturing the tech talent by aiding them with the right skilling opportunities/programs to elevate the overall tech ecosystem. Through our customized programs, we are excited to contribute to the growth of the industry, empowering individuals to succeed  in this dynamic digital landscape.”

Dean Hugo Villar, UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies noted, “As technology advances, we can be certain that the demand for quality over quantity will take precedence. Today’s employers are seeking talented individuals who have a holistic understanding of work needs and demands, real-world skills, and an agile approach. To help answer hiring managers’ needs and prepare job seekers for fulfilling careers, UC San Diego Extended Studies is pleased to partner with Simplilearn to bring high-quality and accessible educational opportunities. We know quality upskilling in the digital economy will help professionals grow exponentially in their field, and we look forward to enabling their career momentum and success.

The first program through this partnership will enable learners to experience hands-on educational approaches. With all classes being delivered live along with capstone projects from Simplilearn, the programs under this partnership are guaranteed to  enable talent growth in the region.

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While the majority of the learner base of Simplilearn consists of individual B2C learners, the company offers outcome-driven corporate training and upskilling programs for organizations globally. Simplilearn offers aspirants both short term and Master’s programs in digital skills and new-age technologies. The company also conducts more than 3,000 live classes, with an average of 70,000 learners who together spend more than 500,000 hours each month on the platform.

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