Hacknotice Releases a New, Refreshed Platform With Revolutionary Capabilities

HackNotice 4.0 is designed to help people take control of their security training and seamlessly integrate threat awareness into their daily lives.

HackNotice, the leading threat awareness platform, now has a fresh look and new features. The new platform features a new HackNotice logo and wordmark, dark mode, personalized dashboards, risk meters, easier-to-understand alerts, more powerful monitoring, continuous phishing with the press of a button, and new, easy-to-create templates for phishing. The new platform also allows employees to be grouped based on departments and/or security habits.

“One of the major problems with security training is that it is impersonal”

HackNotice 4.0 allows companies to craft custom phishing templates to help employees identify potential phishing attacks. The templates can be personalized for each employee, making them effective tests of employees’ security skills.

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HackNotice’s continuous phishing empowers people to identify phishing emails and what actions to take if they receive them. This is crucial, given the rise of cyber crimes.

Within the new platform, companies can organize their employees based on department or security habits. For example, if employees in different departments struggle with the same security skills, they can be grouped together, allowing for personalized, targeting training and skill development.

“One of the major problems with security training is that it is impersonal,” said Steve Thomas, HackNotice CEO. “Employees are expected to develop solid security habits with generic phishing and a one-size-fits-all training course. As a result, data breaches remain rampant despite the high completion rates that many security training companies tout. HackNotice’s fresh, new platform allows companies to tailor their security training and phishing to each individual employee. In addition, employees will now have the ability to personalize their account to fit their preferences. We believe HackNotice 4.0 will empower employees to develop strong, lasting security skills.”

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With a sleek new user interface, stronger monitoring capabilities, and a better user experience, the new HackNotice platform will help users seamlessly manage their security risks, protect their families, and prevent security incidents

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