Echo360 Acquires Inkling to Form Premier Global Education and Corporate Learning SaaS Enterprise

Echo360, the leading global SaaS platform for comprehensive learning engagement outcomes, announced its acquisition of Inkling, a pioneer in digital training and development. This strategic union aims to redefine corporate learning for millions of frontline employees worldwide.

Inkling, established in 2009, has been instrumental in advancing mobile learning and content management technologies. Its innovative solutions have been adopted by top-tier companies like McDonald’s, Whole Foods, McGraw Hill, and Service Now, enhancing how employees are trained and retained.

Murad Velani, appointed CEO of the merged entity, stated, “Combining Inkling’s cutting-edge corporate learning technologies with Echo360’s educational expertise, we are poised to transform learning across education and corporate sectors. Our combined capabilities will uniquely address the diverse needs of learners from trade schools, universities to corporations, setting new standards in personalized and interactive learning experiences. Inkling’s mobile-first approach will further enable personalized, accessible learning experiences for all.”

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With Inkling, Echo360’s suite of learning engagement solutions are further enriched with:

  • Advanced authoring tools to streamline content creation across organizational learning programs.
  • A user-friendly mobile interface enabling learning on-the-go.
  • Customized learning pathways and interactive content including videos, gamification, simulations.
  • Comprehensive real-time analytics to monitor and boost learner performance.

Echo360’s acclaimed Echosystem, trusted by major universities and educational institutions worldwide, together with Inkling’s technologies, will deliver unparalleled solutions across educational and corporate sectors.

Velani added, “Built on Echo360’s foundational ‘e3’ principles of engagement, equity, and evidence, our unified platform not only improves learning outcomes but also streamlines support and administration costs. Universities and corporations often grapple with niche solutions that fail to scale; and technology providers that struggle to innovate with the evolving needs of customers. Echo360 offers a global, integrated platform that enables our customers to consolidate these fragmented solutions, resulting in significant cost savings, enhanced learning outcomes, and deliver a richer learning experience for both students and instructors.”

Ken Lau, Managing Director at Centre Lane Partners, emphasized the strategic impact of the acquisition, stating, “Integrating Inkling’s technologies with Echo360’s strong market presence will immediately establish a global leader in learning solutions. Under Murad’s leadership we are excited and confident in the continuing growth of Echo360.”

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