CYPHER Learning Introduces AI Crosscheck – the Industry’s First AI-Powered Accuracy Tool for AI-Generated LMS Content

Like Spell-Check for AI, New CYPHER Tool Improves the Quality of AI-generated Content

CYPHER Learning, provider of the leading generative learning platform for business and academic settings,  announced AI Crosscheck, the industry’s first AI-powered accuracy tool to help improve the quality of AI-generated content. Similar to how spell-check tools work, AI Crosscheck flags inaccurate information, recommends replacement content and asks users if they want to update the content.

“One of the biggest barriers to the widespread adoption of generative AI is the fear of inaccuracies and the potential for harmful content. AI Crosscheck helps address these concerns by providing a robust safety net, making it safer for organizations to embrace AI technologies in their content creation processes,” said Graham Glass, CEO and CTO of CYPHER Learning.

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While AI technologies have revolutionized content creation by enabling efficient and scalable production of high-quality material, they also pose a risk of potential errors and inconsistencies. CYPHER’s AI Crosscheck addresses these generative AI challenges by providing safer and more reliable content production. This new tool leverages a powerful AI to review and flag any inconsistencies in the generated output by other AIs. CYPHER Learning AI 360 users can activate AI Crosscheck by selecting it within the course and apply it to the content being created. When an issue is found, AI Crosscheck will summarize the issue and provide a recommendation for replacement text. The user can click an option to either dismiss it or apply it. If no errors are present, AI Crosscheck will also alert users that no errors were found.

A pioneer in the application of generative AI in content and course creation, CYPHER Learning is the only modern learning platform to offer AI-enabled skills management and comprehensive course creation. The company deploys generative AI services that protect customers’ data privacy, ensure better data ownership, and include enhanced security features. This innovative approach not only elevates the learning experience, but also prioritizes the safety and integrity of customer data.

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