Code Fellows Partners with JobReady by LearningMate to Provide Industry-Leading Technical Curriculum and Training

Code Fellows, a renowned leader in technical education, is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with JobReady by LearningMate, a prominent provider of career-aligned course collections and skills training solutions. This collaboration aims to empower K-12 and adult learners with cutting-edge technical curriculum, enabling them to thrive in high-demand industries and pursue rewarding career opportunities.

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JobReady, in collaboration with its esteemed partners, has been dedicated to crafting career-aligned pathways that guide job seekers towards success. With a comprehensive selection of courses spanning areas such as cybersecurity, data science, project management, networking, software development, manufacturing, business skills, leadership, and certifications, JobReady has become a beacon for individuals seeking to enhance their skill sets and embark on meaningful career journeys.

By joining forces with Code Fellows, JobReady is poised to bolster its offerings with Code Fellows’ industry-leading technical curriculum and training expertise. Code Fellows’ reputation for delivering top-notch technical education will undoubtedly elevate JobReady’s capacity to prepare learners for the dynamic world of work, particularly in the technology sector.

“At Code Fellows, we are committed to equipping learners of all ages with the skills they need to succeed in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Partnering with JobReady aligns perfectly with our mission, allowing us to extend our impact beyond traditional education settings.” — Mitchell Robertson, SVP of Business Development and Growth at Code Fellows.

The partnership between Code Fellows and JobReady is a testament to the shared commitment to providing learners with pathways to relevant, high-paying careers. JobReady’s well-established approach to career development, coupled with Code Fellows’ technical excellence, is set to reshape how individuals approach education and career advancement.

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“We are thrilled to welcome Code Fellows to the JobReady family,” remarked Nachiket Paratkar, Business Head, Higher Education & Workforce, LearningMate. “This partnership will enable us to offer an even more robust and diversified range of career pathways to our learners, equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to excel in today’s competitive job market.”

Through this collaboration, learners will benefit from an enriched learning experience that marries Code Fellows’ technical prowess with JobReady’s career-aligned pathways. This partnership is set to empower learners to achieve their professional aspirations and contribute meaningfully to their industries of choice.

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