HR Tech Interview with Tami Golan, Chief People Officer at Bizzabo

“If you work for an organization that you feel strongly about and care about – you can overcome and do anything!” shares Tami Golan, Chief People Officer at Bizzabo while sharing a few thoughts on structuring better HR processes with the right HR Tech:


Tell us a little about yourself Tami…how would you summarize your HR experience in the tech marketplace over the years?

My HR career has been a combination of in-house and consultancy roles, in different industries and different size companies, but the majority of my career has focused on high-tech, high-growth global organizations. My passion is building high-performing organizations and teams and hiring and nurturing the best talent….

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What are some of the top HR technologies and HR skills you feel today’s new HR entrants and HR executives should be completely adept with?

The top must-have skills for an HR professional in my view are Business & Financial Acumen, a digital mindset, data & analytics skills, and change management skills. For new HR professionals entering the workforce, it is very important to possess business skills to build on as they progress in their careers. Whether it is as a generalist or a specialist, that broad business understanding is key to becoming a strong partner to the business.

Can you take us through some of the top HR Technologies and other tools that have enabled your goals and plans over the years?

Survey & engagement tools, global HRIS, and ATS systems are all necessary in order to manage the business, and use data to drive key business decisions. In today’s new world of work with the workforce primarily being remote, I also view videoconferencing and other business communication and collaboration tools as critical HR tools as well.

As HR trends shift in light of today’s evolving workplace culture – what are some must-do’s you’d share especially for enterprise-grade (globally distributed) teams in tech?

If we learned anything from 2020, is that change is constant and you need to adjust to those changes quickly to stay relevant in the business world. I think it is most important to define the employee journey starting with the first interaction with a candidate and through the life of an employee with your organization. This process allows us to map out all those key moments that truly matter in the employee journey, and design the right employee experience to guarantee the hiring, retention, and satisfaction of employees. You then must be proactive and adjust quickly to changes both internally and externally.

With remote work becoming more rampant today, how do you feel the structuring of an HR team in a B2B / Tech model should evolve?

I think the HR team needs to be structured based on business needs, development stage, and culture. Personally, I like my teams to be full of generalists who might specialize, or come from a specific background, but can change their focus as needed and think broadly about the role of HR in an organization.

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We’d love to hear about your top people culture and most successful company culture programs…over the years: some of the top strategies you’ve driven?

At Bizzabo, our culture and values are our north star and we use them to guide our decisions, actions, and to measure success. I can’t take any credit for this, but one of the most powerful things our CEO does is spend several hours with our new hires to educate them on our culture and values: how they were developed, what they mean to us, why we believe they are so important, and what our expectations are from any new Bizzaboer joining the company. From the beginning of the journey, everyone is connected to who we are and what we are about in a very meaningful way. From that point on, everyone is responsible for driving that culture forward and practicing our values. Success comes from clearly defining what our culture is and ensuring that our values truly resonate with anyone who is joining our organization.


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Tami Golan is the Chief People Officer at Bizzabo where she brings to bear 20+ years of experience at high-growth global technology companies. She received her M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and is a Member of Chief – a private network built to drive more women into positions of power and keep them there.

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