The First Ever AI-Based HCM Cloud Connector from Papaya Global Is Aiming to Render Automatic Data Processing Obsolete

Papaya Global, the trailblazing SaaS fintech company specializing in global workforce management, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking solution, the HCM Cloud Connector. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), this cutting-edge tool revolutionizes payroll implementations, slashing integration time from a year to just a single day. Better yet – one hour.

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Designed as a magical “universal remote” for payroll, this industry-first, AI-driven solution empowers clients to effortlessly upload and synchronize their HCM data – as is, from any platform, in any format – securely, accurately, every pay cycle. With zero cost, no risk, and in virtually no time, companies can now experience lightspeed implementations, and forget about 12-month integrations. What used to require 3rd party integrators is now simply a “sync” button.

By seamlessly connecting and syncing Human Capital Management (HCM) data from any provider to Papaya OS, Papaya’s HCM Cloud Connector makes manual work vanish – both during implementation and for every pay cycle. It eliminates the costly and time-consuming challenges normally associated with multiple integrations and HR data management. Gone are the days of relying on outdated, simply “automated” data processing methods.

Integrating the HCM Cloud Connector means companies can anticipate a 30% less payroll processing time, 95% fewer manual data syncs, and a 45% increase in cycle efficiency. This game-changing tool effortlessly handles various HR data sets and fields – joiners and leavers, variables, time and attendance, PTO, commissions, and more. Businesses facing scaling payroll needs (1,000-10,000 employees) get unrivaled efficiency and painless implementation.

Featuring an automated data converter, an AI validation engine, and enhanced security, the HCM Cloud Connector offers a seamless integration experience. A simple one-time mapping process that can take less than an hour, effortlessly converting data from HCM/HRIS systems, Excel, and CSV files into Papaya OS – every pay cycle. Prior to uploading to Papaya OS, the AI validation engine spots any errors and discrepancies, guaranteeing 100% accuracy –and timely delivery.

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The HCM Cloud Connector maintains the highest security standards and protocols within Papaya OS, protecting sensitive employee data.

“Payroll professionals have endured long enough without the proper tech-first solution” said Ronen Keinan, Chief Operating Officer at Papaya Global, “we are giving them a truly disruptive tool —it will fit any tech stack and enable them to continue using any HCM platforms while seamlessly integrating with Papaya OS. We are the first company in this space to fully adapt to our clients’ needs rather than the other way around.”

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