Oracle Helps Healthcare Organizations Improve Patient Care with Better Employee Experiences

Specialized HR solutions in Oracle Cloud HCM enable healthcare organizations to better develop, support, and empower staff, improving patient care for organizations worldwide

Oracle CloudWorld To enable healthcare organizations to better support their front-line workers and improve patient care, Oracle is introducing specialized HR solutions for the healthcare industry. Part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), the new industry-focused HR solutions help healthcare organizations grow the skills of their staff, reduce burnout and costs by improving efficiency, and deliver better patient care by providing an employee experience that meets the unique needs of healthcare workers.

The past few years have been a continuous battle for healthcare organizations. Unpredictable demand, increasingly high administrative costs, evolving skills shortages, and the truly unprecedented circumstances of a global pandemic have created an extremely complex operating environment that pushed doctors, nurses, clinical staff, and others in the industry to their limits. This has put healthcare organizations under pressure to find better ways to support their teams and improve the employee experience so their staff can provide the best possible patient care.

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“Healthcare organizations have a plethora of unique workforce challenges, from attracting talent with the right skills and managing complex scheduling structures, to prioritizing engagement and growth for employees constantly facing burnout. The better we can support these workers and enable them to succeed, the better care and service they can provide to people all over the world,” said Chris Leone, executive vice president of Applications Development, Oracle Cloud HCM. “Oracle Cloud HCM can help healthcare organizations better support their workforce. With intelligent, scalable, and secure applications, we can help these organizations address their most complex staffing challenges by automating administrative tasks so workers can stay focused on better patient experiences.”

Oracle Cloud HCM provides hospitals and clinics with the ability to enhance employee satisfaction while reducing risk and administrative costs to maintain quality affordable care. Oracle Cloud HCM solutions for healthcare are built to help healthcare organizations:

  • Attract talent and develop new skills: Patient needs are increasingly complex, requiring constantly evolving skills from healthcare providers. With Oracle Dynamic Skills, healthcare providers can easily detect, track, and analyze the skills and industry accreditation needed to deliver quality care to patients. This allows them to proactively close skills gaps with learning and development programs. Additionally, Grade Step Progression allows healthcare organizations to easily adjust compensation for workers as they upskill, gain new credentials, and progress into the next level of their careers.
  • Reduce costs and improve productivity: High administrative costs are a significant factor in the rising cost of healthcare. With AI-driven tools in Oracle ME, a complete employee experience platform, healthcare organizations can deliver personalized employee experiences, decrease costs, and automate manual processes to save time, reduce burnout, and allow their teams to focus more on patient care.

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  • Optimize staffing and scheduling: Volatile and unpredictable demand in healthcare make it difficult to optimally hire, schedule shifts, and manage workers with multiple responsibilities and qualifications. With flexible configuration in scheduling planned for Oracle Cloud HCM, healthcare organizations will be able to easily assign staff based on defined rules, healthcare accreditation, and eligibility to work a particular shift, helping reduce costs and saving significant time. Additionally, flexible time reporting and processing enables healthcare providers to plan for a variety of work schedules including static, rotating, split, or dynamic shifts. This helps healthcare organizations to better schedule staff according to the skills needed for positions and optimize schedules to reduce patient wait times, and focus more on quality-of-care.

Natively built for the cloud, Oracle Cloud HCM is a complete solution connecting every human resource process from hire to retire. By connecting all staff data on a single platform, HR teams have access to a single source of truth to help inform their people strategy. With tailored solutions built for industries including communications, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, and retail, Oracle Cloud HCM helps HR teams in any industry further improve business operations with built-in AI to act as an advisor, help analyze workforce data, and surface recommendations.

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