Brandon Hall Group to Launch Annual Learning and Development Benchmarking Study

Coming off a pandemic and its many challenges, it’s no secret that organizations are reevaluating their organizational learning strategies, L&D budget and spend, structure and staffing, and use of learning technologies. How are organizations adapting now and what are they planning for the future?

Brandon Hall Group, the leading independent HCM research and analyst firm, is launching our annual Learning and Development Benchmarking survey on Feb. 7 to assess both the current state of corporate learning and development and the decisions and anticipated changes organizations are expecting to make over the next year.

“The repercussions of the pandemic have only served to increase the already dramatic pace of change in learning and development. Our annual Learning and Development Benchmarking Study provides organization valuable insights into those changes so they can become more agile and better meet their organization’s needs,” said Ken Joseph, Principal HCM Analyst.

This annual research effort will look at:

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  • How organizations deliver learning
  • What technologies they employ
  • How they budget and spend their money
  • How learning functions are structured
  • How they allocate resources and staff
  • What learning modalities they utilize
  • Per person learning costs
  • Critical challenges faced
  • And much more.

To participate in this study,. Participants will receive summary results of the research six to eight weeks after the survey launch and will get immediate download access to the Brandon Hall Group research data highlights on Building the Next-Generation Learning Technology Ecosystem.

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“Learning technology continues to evolve, employees expect learning to be personalized and delivered anytime and anywhere, and learning organizations are required to create high impact content that directly ties to critical business goals — and all this all against a backdrop of balancing budgets, resources, and priorities. It’s never been more important for learning organizations to take stock of how their peers are facing the same challenges,” said Brandon Hall Group CEO, Mike Cooke.

This quantitative research will be complemented with qualitative interviews. The data and insights will fuel the development of research reports and tools — such as self-assessment tools, models and frameworks — to help companies benchmark and improve their learning functions.

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