TrustSphere Announces Strategic Technology Partnership with SODI, the Science of Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

TrustSphere, a recognized market leader in Relationship Analytics and Organizational Network Analytics (ONA), announced a partnership with the Science of Diversity & Inclusion Initiative (“SODI”). Under the terms of the alliance, TrustSphere will provide its pioneering network analytics technology to SODI, giving SODI companies the opportunity to use the TrustSphere platform as an empirical way to test the efficacy of interventions to increase inclusion. This unique partnership will push the frontier of how we measure workforce inclusion, and enhance the “living laboratory” of research and business partners.

SODI, a non-profit initiative, is at the forefront of D&I innovation with an intense focus on closing the gap between research and practice and advancing the science through research collaborations. By bringing together leading researchers, select organizations and innovative technology providers to advance workforce equity, SODI is sparking faster discovery, adoption and traction of cutting-edge methods for diversity and inclusion success across all sectors.

TrustSphere is a pioneer in network science, using ‘passive organizational network analytics (ONA)’, a scientific People Analytics methodology that leverages the principles of social network analysis. By generating relationship insights into organizational networks, ONA helps HR, diversity officers and business leaders understand how different individuals or groups communicate and collaborate; diagnose misalignment; and identify isolated individuals or teams in a systematic data-driven manner. Through this partnership, TrustSphere joins a prestigious community of SODI partners including the University of Chicago, along with select fortune 500 companies, including BlackRock, are committed to identifying and applying innovative, evidence-based approaches to Diversity and Inclusion (“D&I”).

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Stacia Garr, Co-founder and Principal Analyst, RedThread Research,, Co-founder and Principal Analyst, RedThread Research, commented, “Structural biases hide in our processes and behaviors. Applied correctly, D&I technology can enable the consistent treatment of people decisions while uncovering hidden patterns of bias. The partnership between TrustSphere and SODI has far-reaching potential, enabling a deeper cross-company analysis of networks and critical indicators of inclusion, which could enable both individuals and organizations to alter practices significantly.”

“Increasing the understanding of the current state and measuring the impact of efforts to improve outcomes are integral components of a successful D&I program,” said Dr. Mary B. Young, Principal Researcher, Human Capital, The Conference Board. “Having evidence-based workforce insights enables HR to drive new ways of doing business.”

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TrustSphere’s CEO, Manish Goel, commented, “To participate effectively in the future of work, it’s critical for organizations to create a diverse and inclusive working environment built on empathy, trust and respect where every employee can access information and resources, is welcomed in work groups and has a voice to influence decisions. But very often, unconscious biases translate into workplace behaviors that can be barriers to people from diverse backgrounds effectively working together.”

“Our field-proven technology helps HR teams objectively understand how employees interact and provides guidance from quantitative metrics for driving behavioral changes,” he continued. “Over time, this knowledge triggers a powerful pivot for creating an organization-wide diverse and inclusive work culture. Our partnership with SODI supports this vision and we’re honored to be included among the elite market leaders they’ve chosen to work with from the corporate sector.”

SODI Co-Founder, Kara Helander shared her views on the partnership: “Technology has the potential to be a powerful new tool in advancing inclusion and diversity and SODI is committed to exploring this exciting new area.”

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