TeamOhana Launches Groundbreaking Headcount Planning Platform, Slashes Spreadsheet Tasks by 75%

TeamOhana announced the launch of its new Headcount Planning Platform, as well as customer growth of over 300% since October 2021. New customers include Multiverse, Very Good Security, Metronet, and more.

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In an era focused on fiscal responsibility and efficient growth, most companies still grapple with spreadsheet-heavy headcount planning, incurring significant costs through lost time and budget discrepancies. TeamOhana’s platform revolutionizes this process, offering a collaborative, data-driven approach that dramatically reduces the traditional effort required.

TeamOhana customers now can create bottom-up headcount plans, modify plans, and run what-if scenarios in a unified platform designed for all stakeholders––Finance, Talent, HR, and budget owners (VP Engineering, Sales, etc.)––in a collaborative process.

Users also can plan using current headcount and compensation information, without requiring time-intensive manual data collection from multiple sources. TeamOhana joins together data from HR systems, applicant tracking systems, budgets, and compensation benchmarks into a “single source of truth” for headcount planning.

“Since integrating TeamOhana, Docker’s Finance and Talent operations have experienced transformative boosts in efficiency,” said Joe Becic, finance director at Docker. “With headcount doubling, it was imperative to reduce labor-intensive processes. TeamOhana has helped us save around 60 hours monthly, mitigate overspending risks, and prevent six figures’ worth of unapproved headcount spend. It’s a game-changer.”

Meir Rotenberg, finance director at Spiff, a fast-growing commission automation platform, highlighted, “Once the annual plan is set, I can automate budget distribution, and department heads manage their plans with real-time budget insights. TeamOhana eliminated endless back-and-forths on what-if scenarios, as I can collaboratively review and provide guidance.”

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Stephanie Petry, talent director at Jobber, an operations management software provider for home service businesses, added, “The ability to preview the headcount plan before approval is a huge advantage. I can give feedback and proactively plan recruiter capacity, resolving a significant challenge with the spreadsheet approach.”

“In early trials, we’ve seen a 75% reduction in busywork while enhancing visibility into headcount, empowering our customers to strategize proactively, adapt swiftly, and make more informed decisions,” said TeamOhana Co-founder and CEO Tushar Makhija. “We’re proud to help customers drive significant time and budget savings building FY24-25 headcount plans.”

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