ServiceNow Launches Major Platform Expansion with the Utah Release

Latest Now Platform release unveils AI-powered process mining with RPA capabilities, search, workforce optimization for HR, and incident management enhancements to address security and operational risk

ServiceNow  the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone, today announced a major platform expansion with the Now Platform Utah release. Utah is built to help organizations future-proof their businesses and drive outcomes faster in the face of continued economic uncertainty. The latest version of the intelligent, end-to-end platform for digital transformation includes AI-powered process mining with robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities, additional search enhancements, expanded Workforce Optimization, and Health and Safety Incident Management, all designed to help increase automation, simplify experiences, and offer greater organizational agility.

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“ServiceNow’s unified service management model helps NVIDIANs quickly resolve issues on their own so they can get back to doing their life’s work.”

According to IDC, spending on digital technology will grow eight times faster than the economy in 20231, and by 2026, 40% of total revenue for G2000 organizations will be generated by digital products, services, and experiences.1 Even as technology budgets increase, leaders are going through a “great reprioritization” of tech investments based on the need for near-term organizational impact and time to value.

“Organizations no longer need to choose between speed and innovation, or great experiences and business growth,” said CJ Desai, president and chief operating officer at ServiceNow. “ServiceNow’s intelligent platform offers fast time to value, continuous net new innovation, and a simplified and seemingly invisible upgrade experience so customers can do more with less and transform their business models. Our latest release is designed for this moment – empowering organizations to maximize efficiency, accelerate ROI on digital spend, and create simplified, connected experiences across their entire value chain.”

Accelerating impact with purposeful automation

According to the 2023 Gartner CIO and Technology Executive Survey, 46% of the organizations polled expect to increase spend on application modernization, and 50% will increase their spend on cloud platforms.2 As organizations increasingly digitize, ServiceNow helps deliver more value by orchestrating work across silos to multiply productivity and accelerate automation, now with new AI-powered features including:

  • AI Search, now built into ServiceNow’s Next Experience, uses AI and natural language processing to help service delivery workers find the information they need to do their jobs more effectively and resolve customer issues faster. AI Search also includes advanced features like auto-complete suggestions, exact match, and typo handling – allowing users to go directly to a record, to more quickly identify relevant materials that can help them resolve an issue.
  • Process Optimization has been expanded to support workflows beyond IT Service Management (ITSM) to other workflows within the Now Platform, such as Field Service Management (FSM) and more. With improved AI-powered visibility into hidden inefficiencies, organizations can apply those recommendations with ServiceNow’s RPA solution to optimize process efficiencies and performance to help cut costs and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Workforce Optimization capabilities have been enhanced and expanded to support workflows beyond ITSM and Customer Service Management, into areas like HR Service Delivery and more. For example, Workforce Optimization now also gives HR managers a central place to understand and optimize their employee bases (or teams). Leaders and managers can maximize the quality of work performed by employees, teams, and departments so businesses can perform at the highest level without significantly increasing costs.
  • Document Intelligence allows customers to accelerate and automate AI-enabled text extraction from documents, saving time and eliminating human errors. The Utah release includes a more streamlined user experience so process owners can easily build, personalize, and monitor document processing. Document Intelligence also can automatically pull massive amounts of data from long tables in documents like invoices and purchase orders to expedite things like payroll, finance, and procurement processes.
  • ServiceNow Impact is the industry’s first solution designed to help customers accelerate the return on their digital transformation investments. Enhancements to performance tools, as well as new Impact accelerators, are available in the Utah release. These additions help platform owners better manage system health and reduce the time it takes to bring critical dashboards online, for better visibility into the status of digital transformation initiatives.

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Minimizing operational and security risk with solutions to boost agility

“Globally, the constant barrage of risk events, incidents, and disruptions have become so frequent that the increased level of risk is the ’new normal,’” according to Forrester3. To help organizations navigate an increasingly complex threat environment in the hybrid world of work, the Utah release empowers customers to innovate faster, operate with more agility, and manage increasing operational and cyber risk. New capabilities include:

  • Health and Safety Incident Management helps leaders foster a culture of wellness and productivity with tools that make it easier to report and resolve safety incidents and assign corrective and preventative actions for those incidents, while connecting siloes and reducing costs.
  • Security Incident Response Workspace, part of ServiceNow’s Next Experience, allows security analysts to examine incidents within a central workspace, so they can be more efficient in urgent moments and analyze the growing volume of data associated with security incidents. Customers can build assessments and analyze reports within one workspace, and leverage Process Automation Designer to manage multiple workflows with no-code playbooks.
  • Operational Resilience Workspace, also part of ServiceNow’s Next Experience, provides an enterprise-wide view of critical risk information, such as issues, vulnerabilities, outages, and failed controls, for greater visibility, fast decision-making, and improved organizational performance. The new product experience increases productivity and simplifies navigation while a 360-degree view of dependencies and resilience metrics provides contextual understanding of upstream and downstream impacts across the organization.
  • Log Export Service simplifies security and performance monitoring for Now Platform implementations. Building on ServiceNow Vault – which protects business-critical applications – this solution seamlessly incorporates ServiceNow system and application logs into enterprise security analytics tools.

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