Reflektive’s New People Management Suite Combines Performance, Intelligence, and Engagement Solutions to Deliver Actionable People Insights

Comprehensive Approach Provides Intuitive Visualizations and Integrations That Help HR and Company Leaders Make Data-Driven Decisions

Reflektive, the leading people management platform, announced it is expanding its platform into a people management suite, integrating its Performance and Intelligence solutions with a new Engagement product as a single, cohesive ecosystem.

The Reflektive People Management Suite helps companies simplify their HR stack by providing leadership with actionable insights into personnel, performance, and cultural metrics — all in one place. The tools equip them to make data-driven, strategic talent decisions quickly, without having to pore over reams of raw data. The new solution also includes an expanded integration with BambooHR, with other HRIS and ATS integrations coming soon.

“With these enhancements, the Reflektive platform is now hands-down the most comprehensive people management suite on the market,” said Reflektive CEO Rajeev Behera. “Not only do we give you new engagement data and other insights faster, but we do it with compelling visualizations and dashboards. This paints a clear picture of KPIs and empowers leaders to act on data within days, rather than months, for immediate improvement.”

“After successfully working with and implementing Reflektive at Airbnb, I’m excited to partner again to bring an integrated and strategic approach to people management at Allbirds with Reflektive’s new People Management Suite,” said Mark Levy, head of employee experience at Allbirds.

Measure Engagement On-Demand

Reflektive’s new Engagement product allows companies to measure employee engagement with company-wide surveys and targeted polls using pre-built survey templates. The Engagement product helps HR leaders instantly identify key drivers and detractors of engagement and track trends across the company and throughout the employee lifecycle. Easy-to-use visualizations and customizable reporting bring clarity to the data, allowing HR and business leaders to focus on strategic planning rather than slicing and dicing data.

By integrating Engagement data with Performance and Intelligence data, along with HRIS and ATS systems, Reflektive provides comprehensive people management insights with streamlined management and data continuity. For example, HR leaders can understand how 1-on-1 meetings impact engagement, compare attrition data against employee performance, and ensure that top performers are being rewarded with promotions and competitive salaries.

Data Integration Enables Quick Action

The ability to drill down and filter data helps surface insights that may be unique to specific departments, locations, job roles, age groups, gender, or other parameters. For example, companies can identify gaps in gender inclusiveness or whether top performers are being compensated at the proper level. This allows companies to immediately pinpoint problem areas and take corrective action.

“In most cases, engagement surveys are done annually. It takes a couple of months to get the data, then several more to compile reports, and even longer to act on the results,” Behera said. “The year might be half over before you can implement needed change. Reflektive shortens this timeline substantially, so you can not only take swift action, but also see how those changes impact performance and other areas almost immediately.”

Behera announced the suite’s launch during his keynote at Reflektive’s first people management conference, Illuminate, which featured dozens of people leaders from innovative brands like Pinterest, frog Design, 23andMe, Airbnb, Dollar Shave Club, Allbirds, Omada Health, and more.

Reflektive’s comprehensive People Management Suite empowers HR managers, company leaders, and employees to optimize employee experience for better business results. The Suite drives continuous feedback, goal management, and near real-time analytics to power coaching and ongoing professional development. With solutions that work where your employees work — whether that’s Gmail, Outlook, Slack, or Jira — Reflektive creates a feedback culture that drives both individual and company growth.

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