Orion Unveils AI-powered Speech-to-Speech Translation for the Frontline Workforce

Orion Labs, Inc., the world’s first Voice AI Communications Platform for frontline enterprises,released its Speech-to-Speech Translation (S2ST), available via our Push-to-Talk (PTT) 2.0 Platform. Orion’s S2ST is a first-of-its-kind, voice-AI solution that layers bi-directional translation into real-time, multipoint communications, unlocking entirely new staffing and collaboration possibilities for the deskless workforce and edge operations.

Orion’s Speech-to-Speech Translation uses Orion’s Frontline AI to edge-deliver speech and text translation instantly to deskless workers at their point of work and in the flow of work. Orion’s Frontline AI is powered by proprietary Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) that serves edge operations of any size, supporting each individual user’s language preferences. Orion PTT Groups support up to 60 language preferences, enabling all users to set the language they hear for their real-time PTT group or 1-to-1 direct messages, regardless of the language of the original speaker.

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“Orion’s Speech-to-Speech Translation is a revolutionary, voice-driven solution that enables any team member, regardless of their native language, to collaborate in Orion talk groups, bringing translation into the flow of real-time team communication,” said Greg Taylor, Orion CEO. “Our approach is a game-changer for frontline workforce productivity and safety. I am so proud of Orion’s engineering innovation to provide the first-ever solution for global and mixed-language operations.”

Frontline operations across transportation, logistics, hospitality, retail, healthcare, and more all benefit from removing language barriers with real-time translation. Frontline enterprises expand labor pools, improve team collaboration, and reduce miscommunication. Managers also ensure new hires are effective on Day 1 by simplifying the onboarding of multilingual staff.

Orion’s Speech-to-Speech Translation is just one of Orion’s many Voice AI Workflows. Additional offerings include Voice Queries like the Inventory Query & Price Check Workflow or Voice Ticketing Workflow, Voice Checklists, and Voice Commands & Workflows like the Emergency Escalation Workflow, Shift Check-in Workflow, and Register Backup Workflow. Best of all, Orion Voice AI Workflows can seamlessly operate on other frontline collaboration apps including Microsoft Teams.

About Orion Labs, Inc.

Orion is the only AI Workflow Platform for frontline workforce productivity, connecting people to people and people to enterprise systems. Orion’s proprietary Voice AI Workflows are systems of action for the frontline worker with voice-driven process automation and integrations to leading operational systems of record. Orion’s proprietary Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) drives innovative operational automations like Speech-to-Speech Workflows, Voice Queries, Checklist Workflows, Emergency Response Workflows, and more.

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Orion was recently named a Top AI Solution Provider 2022 by CIO Applications, a Most Promising Unified Communications Solutions for 2022 by CIO Review, a Top 10 Intelligent Transport Systems Solution Provider for 2021 by Logistics and Transportation Review, a Top 10 Industrial IoT Solution Provider 2020 by Manufacturing Technology Insights, and an IDC Innovator. Orion holds 62 patents that support its award-winning solutions

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