Humu Launches Coach for Managers to Help Leaders Build Engaged, Effective Teams

Humu, the HR technology company that pioneered science-backed nudges that make it easy for employees to develop new habits, launched Humu Coach for Managers. This new suite of features gives managers the insights and guidance they need to unlock their teams’ greatest potential. It’s the latest example of Humu’s industry leadership in shaping the future of work.

Managers have always played a critical role in driving team success, but the seismic shifts of the past two years have made them even more important. Managers serve as change agents and the connection point between strategy and employee action, often single handedly impacting an employee’s experience. The challenge is that managers are under more pressure than ever—from both senior leadership and their employees—and are too overwhelmed to lead their teams effectively. And the stakes are high: according to Humu’s data, a single bad manager costs an organization an average of $70,000 annually. Humu found, however, that when managers are effective, they are up to 2x more likely to retain employees over the course of a year and their teams have 22% higher engagement.

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With Coach for Managers, Humu is helping organizations improve retention, performance, and the employee experience by transforming every manager into a great manager. The suite helps managers and their teams build behaviors that support organization-wide goals, gives them insight into where their teams can improve, helps them effectively coach each person based on their unique needs, and guides managers through a variety of new or challenging situations.

“We’ve all heard that people quit managers, not jobs. This is more true than ever against the backdrop of hybrid work experimentation and an ongoing talent shortage,” said Laszlo Bock, co-founder and Executive Chairperson at Humu. “A great manager is the best retention strategy an organization has, but many companies struggle to provide managers with the tools, support, and training they need to reach their full potential as leaders. Humu will empower managers who are under pressure from leadership and their teams alike, to deliver on their biggest goals and drive organization-wide success.”

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Available today, with additional new features to be rolled out in the months ahead, Humu Coach for Managers will consist of a unique set of capabilities to create better experiences for managers and their teams, including:

  • Smart Agendas: Make 1:1s—the most valuable interactions between managers and their reports—more effective by collaborating on a shared Smart Agenda, complete with intelligent topic recommendations based on team and employee insights. Managers will:
    • Receive timely reminders to prepare for the week’s upcoming 1:1s.
    • Receive agenda suggestions that relate to broader organizational initiatives.
    • See trends in which topics are discussed over time, and get recommendations based on them.
  • Team Insights: Understand where improvement is needed with team and employee Focus Areas, and expertly coach each team member by leveraging Coaching Guides, Work Style Assessments, and detailed Employee Profiles.
  • (Coming soon) Workflows: Guide managers through crucial moments in the employee lifecycle—like new hire onboarding, work anniversaries, employee offboarding, and more—with automated Workflows.

“We have seen how effective Humu’s science-backed approach is in uniting and engaging employees and teams in large organizations,” said Scott Chancellor, Chief Executive Officer at Humu, who assumed his role in August 2022 to lead a new chapter of product innovation and growth. “Now, with Humu Coach for Managers, we are thrilled to introduce a suite of features specifically designed to help anticipate what managers need and automatically deliver personalized, proven guidance right within their flow of daily work. And there’s a lot more to come.”

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