Grammarly Announces Set of Integrations to Simplify Workflows and Reduce Complexities Created by App Overload

Grammarly, the company delivering AI communication assistance to over 50,000 teams and 30 million people daily, unveiled a set of third-party integrations in Grammarly Business to make it easier to get work done without breaking focus. These updates will enable Grammarly Business customers to quickly access relevant information and complete tasks across the popular workplace applications they already use—without being slowed down by having to toggle between different tools.

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“Every time employees have to shift context or search for information, businesses lose time—and the problem only grows with the proliferation of workplace tools”

The use of an increasing number of workplace apps is intensifying information silos and causing knowledge workers to constantly switch between different contexts, eroding productivity. The average professional switches between apps and websites nearly 1,200 times a day. Many generative AI tools that promise to boost productivity only add complexity by confining employees to a single interface, forcing them to continuously move and transfer text between platforms. Grammarly Business will tackle these challenges by effortlessly connecting to other applications and putting actionable information directly in employees’ workflows, so they can stay focused on the task at hand.

“Every time employees have to shift context or search for information, businesses lose time—and the problem only grows with the proliferation of workplace tools,” said Matt Rosenberg, Grammarly Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Grammarly Business. “By integrating with other applications, Grammarly Business unblocks the flow of work for employees, wherever they already are, so they can focus on moving the business forward instead of swirling in an overwhelming amount of applications and information. It’s all part of our vision to create the AI-connected enterprise where work gets done not just faster, but better.”

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The announcement builds on Grammarly’s recent unveiling of enterprise-specific capabilities in GrammarlyGO—its on-demand, generative AI-powered communication assistant—and its new Knowledge Share feature, which surfaces relevant company information in employees’ flow of work. With this next release, businesses will be able to further simplify workflows by bringing information from more sources to employees’ fingertips and helping them take the best next step from where they’re working. The updates include:

  • Connections to third-party enterprise applications in Knowledge Share that will bring information from those systems into where employees work, so they don’t need to toggle between tools to find what they need to write their communication. Knowledge Share will integrate with Atlassian Confluence and Google Drive to start and then expand to additional applications over time.
  • App Actions, a feature that enables employees to complete actions across third-party applications, such as Asana, Atlassian Jira Software, and Calendly, from where they’re writing with Grammarly’s assistance. For example, employees could quickly add a project task in Asana, create a ticket in Jira, or offer times to connect using Calendly without leaving their writing workflow.

“As an AI-first product, Asana is focused on helping our customers thrive by enabling them to focus on the work that matters most. This means partnering with essential cross-team tools to ensure our growing partner ecosystem has AI woven into its fabric,” said Connie Wu, Head of Business Development at Asana. “We’re excited to work with the Grammarly team as they introduce the Grammarly App Action for Asana, enabling teams to stay in sync with their projects and teams, no matter where they write.”

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