GMS Announces Updates to HR Technology Platform, GMS Connect

Group Management Services Inc., a Certified Professional Employer Organization and HR solutions provider, announces the latest updates to its end-to-end HR technology platform, GMS Connect.

GMS works with small businesses across the country, allowing them to outsource their administrative functions in everything from payroll to workers’ compensation and employee benefits.

Chief Technology Officer Christian Tracey has led the way on the development of the GMS Connect platform, working to assure that the company is ahead of the industry from a technology standpoint.

“We are seeing a shift in the marketplace and small to mid-sized clients are starting to demand access to the same technology and tools that much larger enterprises take for granted,” Tracey said. “As the workforce shifts towards a more tech savvy group across the country, we need to stay ahead of the curve and give our clients access to the same enterprise-level technology.”

The GMS Connect platform gives clients a higher level of automation and easier handling of day-to-day administrative tasks, while giving them access to robust client reporting, high-grade security, and employee self-service tools. This allows them to focus on their core business and growing their revenue.

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Unlike some HR or Payroll competitors that focus on delivering their service solely through software, GMS differentiates itself with world-class technology while continuing to lead with its people and quality of service.

This past year GMS distributed more than 40,000 W2s electronically, so the company understands the importance of making sure all of these processes are done while utilizing the latest security systems to protect its client base.

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The advancements will continue throughout 2019, with new native iOS and Android applications, online benefits enrollment and onboarding, continual security advancements, and access to “Daily Pay” tools for client employees.

GMS provides comprehensive HR solutions to companies of all sizes, with 10 locations across the United States. These services include Payroll, Human Resources, Risk Management, and Benefits. GMS is partnered with over 1,300 businesses across the country, representing over 25,000 employees.

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