Digimarc Appoints Former SAP and Workato HR Executive and Human Capital Strategist Carle Quinn as Chief People Officer

Digimarc Corporation , the pioneer and global leader in digital watermarking technologies, announced that former Workato Chief People Officer and human capital strategist Carle Quinn has joined the company as Chief People Officer (CPO). Quinn brings proven expertise in attracting, developing, engaging, and retaining leading talent to drive organizational and business growth.

“Our people are our greatest asset, and I am thrilled to welcome Carle Quinn to Digimarc as our new Chief People Officer”

Quinn’s career spans over two decades, marked by a visionary approach that places people at the heart of business success. Renowned for her ability to seamlessly align strategic business objectives with workforce empowerment and cutting-edge digital technologies, Quinn has consistently delivered inclusive, high-performing teams that drive unparalleled results.

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With a background encompassing human resource management, global strategy, customer advisory, and go-to-market leadership roles at industry giants such as SAP, Citrix, IBM, GE, and QVC, Quinn brings a wealth of diverse expertise to her role as CPO at Digimarc. Notably, her tenure as the first CPO at Workato saw her instrumental in scaling the company for growth.

As Digimarc CPO, Quinn spearheads the company’s global human resource function, driving initiatives that foster organizational resilience and optimize performance globally. Her leadership style positions the company for sustained growth and industry leadership in digital watermarking technologies.

“Our people are our greatest asset, and I am thrilled to welcome Carle Quinn to Digimarc as our new Chief People Officer,” said Riley McCormack, President and CEO, Digimarc. “Carle brings a unique mix of strategic insights, business experience, and proven expertise in harnessing digital technologies to power step-change operational improvements and significantly enhance employee engagement and satisfaction. Her leadership inspires an environment ripe with innovation and ignites a passion for empowering people — critical to fostering Digimarc’s corporate values of being courageous, collaborative, and curious.”

“Joining the Digimarc team marks a powerful convergence of my professional journey and personal values. I am passionate about empowering teams and the opportunity to align and amplify our company’s innovative spirit with our human capital strategies,” said Carle Quinn, Digimarc’s Chief People Officer. “Digimarc has a reputation for pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible. I’m eager to contribute to a future where Digimarc sets the benchmark for excellence and transformative growth in the industry.”

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