CurbCutOS Launches New SaaS Platform That Redefines Digital Accessibility

Both organizations and people with disabilities reap the benefits when the array of digital accessibility problems is effectively addressed

Words like confusing, overwhelmed, and misinformation often come to mind when people think about digital accessibility. Now one company is clearing the fog with a solution that not only guides organizations on what to do and how to do it, but also opens the door to a trillion-dollar market.

CurbCutOS, a company founded by people with disabilities, announces the launch of its new SaaS platform that brings transparency and a solution to digital accessibility. People with disabilities will enjoy a smoother experience navigating the web while organizations will see solid returns and metrics, complete and consistent audits, and a step-by-step digital accessibility strategy.

“Digital accessibility has endured dismal year-over-year improvements leaving end-users feeling ignored and disgruntled while setting up company stakeholders to fail,” Mark Pound, CEO of CurbCutOS said. “We’re aiming our sights squarely on changing and providing a win-win scenario where both organizations and people with disabilities see immense benefits.”

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We’re aiming our sights squarely on changing and providing a win-win scenario where both organizations and people with disabilities see immense benefits”

— Mark Pound

The CurbcutOS SaaS platform is aimed at:

– A long-term solution that reduces costs and increases returns year-over-year, instead of yet another expensive and/or quick-fix solution that doesn’t work.
– Accommodating a company’s budget and timelines knowing it’s a journey centered on continuous improvement, not perfection.
– Delivering the user experience necessary to capture this massive market.
– Providing metrics centered on brand health and revenue growth that helps stakeholders build their department while making the digital landscape accessible to all.
– Empowering company stakeholders by enabling them to understand the truth about digital accessibility coupled with guidance that breaks it all down into simple steps.

In addition, Pound says focusing on digital accessibility is about inclusivity first and foremost because there are more than one-billion people living with a disability yet only 3% of websites are accessible. However, he notes that another added benefit to organizations that makes digital accessibility a priority is a reduction in costs and increased profits.

“People with disabilities, their friends and family account for a $13-trillion market, but digital accessibility is also the law with mounting pressure,” Pound said. “In recent years, Beyonce, Domino’s Pizza, and Harvard University have all been sued due to their websites not being accessible to those with disabilities.”

The new platform will be released on May 31.

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