Compeat Serves Up Business Intelligence On The Fly

Giving restaurant operators mobile access to key metrics for all their locations in the palm of their hand.

Compeat, the most comprehensive all-in-one integrated restaurant accounting, back office, workforce and intelligence management software has extended its business intelligence, On The Fly (OTF), mobile app to more users and expanded the amount of key performance metric reports available on the app. All of Compeat’s Intelligence Radar users can access point of sale, labor, schedule and inventory data, real-time from any mobile device through the On the Fly app, including over 200+ sophisticated reports.

Compeat has spent over 18 years alleviating the pain points that restaurant operators experience daily through advanced business intelligence, reducing the hours spent in the back office, and simplifying the way managers and corporate users access to key data.

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“The rise of Business Intelligence (BI) and the increase in mobile solutions are game changers in restaurant technology and I am so excited to see both being adopted by operators of all sizes,” states Jeff Stone, CEO of Compeat. “Put simply, restaurant operators can’t fix what they can’t see.  A good BI software enables them to see every key metric in their business. Real-time data can be aggregated into simple dashboards to make informed decisions, raise red-flag items, and create actionable items to improve the bottom line that can be measured and monitored.”

“The ability to push the undeniable power of BI to an operator’s or manager’s cell phone is a huge advantage over the competition,” adds Stone. “Imagine the business impact gained by the ability of a manager to receive an alert via cell phone with real-time, actionable opportunities to improve sales and reduce costs.”

Having mobile access to everything an operator needs at their fingertips can also increase customer service. For example, should a customer call and need a copy of their receipt, it can be located and sent from the mobile device while the manager still has the customer on the phone.  No down time. No trip to the back office.

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Compeat’s On The Fly app gives managers access to:

  • Real-time data to make actionable business decisions on the floor
  • Set thresholds for certain metrics and receive an alert
  • Take inventory with search by text, voice, or barcodes from the palm of your hand
  • Reduce food costs with mobile prep counts and waste entry logs
  • Build, adjust and approve schedules
  • Communicate with your employees and enter notes in the manager log
  • Visibility into everything that is going on in every location
  • Monitor sales, labor, and food cost data
  • Receive alerts and investigate comp, promo, and void activity
  • View multiple locations at once and compare information to yield valuable insight

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