Bayzat’s HR Solutions Enable Saudi Companies

Bayzat‘s complete HR platform is redefining the work-life experience for enterprises in Saudi Arabia, providing efficiency to company processes and dramatic advantages to employees.

HR, Payroll, and Employee Benefits platform, organizations can invest in the well-being and health of their people and build a world-class employee experience that boosts productivity and loyalty through a single platform.

The program improves employees’ whole experience with their company, from data management to automatically changing hours and paychecks with statutory holidays. Furthermore, workers may upload any form of a document, such as vacation approval, without having to email HR, saving time for both the employees and the HR official, who could miss the email or cause extra delays in the approval process.

Bayzat keeps staff up to date on the latest corporate news, especially in the event of unexpected developments.

Talal Bayaa, the CEO and Co-Founder of Bayzat, said: “Bayzat is an all-in-one HR, payroll, insurance and employee benefits platform that will benefit employers and employees across Saudi Arabia. We are redefining the way work works for the better, making a world class employee experience a possibility for all businesses.”

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Digital Transformation

In the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, investment in digital transformation is anticipated to increase by 16 percent to $74 billion by 2026, according to a survey by International Data Corporation (IDC). While some cloud service providers, like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, have already made a name for themselves in the GCC, others are rapidly expanding there.

Traditional means of handling human resources and payroll processes, including Microsoft Excel, etc., are quickly disappearing due to the tremendous digital change taking place in the Kingdom and the rest of the region. Spreadsheets need a lot of work and time and are vulnerable to human mistakes since data must be manually entered.

HR systems have changed significantly as a result of growing investment in digitalization across all industries, depending more on online tools and regional apps.

Smart Applications

Employees utilizing smart applications are obtaining greater outcomes in terms of productivity and engagement, and the knock-on effect is boosting overall customer happiness. This is due to nearly zero mistakes, quick access, and seamless contacts with HR.

According to recent research, 91% of Saudi Arabian firms stated they recognized the significance of sustainability as a business goal and 87% of them claimed they had adopted digital transformation to accomplish their goals. According to the report, 90% of employees think that having open lines of communication with HR improves their ability to concentrate and maintain mental health, as well as their levels of engagement and motivation, which results in much higher productivity.

Time Management

By using local digital solutions for HR, Payroll, and Employee Benefits, Bayzat saves time and improves efficiency in work operations. The usage of local smart apps like Bayzat reduces HR time by 63%, giving managers more time to focus on what they love most about their jobs: their people.

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Compliance with Saudi laws

The Bayzat platform complies fully with Saudi labor rules. The platform collects and organizes data, lowering the strain on compliance audit teams and keeping up with changes in local laws and regulations, providing it a competitive advantage over worldwide competitors.

The evolution of digital solutions has necessitated the formation of a local system used in businesses to protect them from the dangers of non-compliance with the work system and local rules.

Achieving sustainability

The availability of regional digital platforms for HR is also in line with the sustainability goals of businesses. Platforms like Bayzat make it easier to communicate with employees, increasing their engagement and achieving excellent results. As a result, businesses may achieve long-term success while recruiting top talent.

Global HR solution providers, on the other hand, take longer to adapt to Saudi HR culture and legislation, resulting in less cost-effective and effective performance in the Saudi environment.

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