Akumina Reimagines Employee Experience with Latest Platform Release

Enhanced Features Streamline Digital Transformation with Intuitive Tools for Building Personalized Digital Workplace Experiences

Akumina unveiled dramatic enhancements to its Employee Experience Platform (EXP) that will revolutionize the way organizations create and deliver personalized, enterprise-level digital workplaces and modern intranets.

With intuitive tools for building personalized digital workplace experiences, @AkuminaInc unveils dramatic enhancements to its Employee Experience Platform (EXP)

Version 4.5 of the Akumina platform delivers groundbreaking IP focused on driving personalized experiences on a one-to-one basis with every employee. The release includes Akumina’s new Experience Builder, Persona Builder and Impersonation Engine, while delivering enhancements to its “headless” runtime support. Akumina’s newest tools democratize and streamline how users create and manage individual widgets or full-blown experiences. These updates also allow for better targeting of experiences based on employee roles and objectives, enabling users to create content once and deliver it to different audiences in an infinite number of ways – be it on a desktop browser or the mobile device in their pocket.

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“Digital workplaces are constantly evolving. Keeping up with the pace of change has been a huge challenge for companies that deployed intranet-in-a-box solutions. They often find themselves hitting significant limitations when it comes to brand-ability, customization, integrations and other ongoing enhancements as their business grows,” said Ed Rogers, CEO of Akumina. “Enhancements to the new Akumina EXP add features and customization capabilities that users need in the long term, while removing much of the technical complexity that often stifles digital transformation projects and hinders long-term adoption. It goes beyond anything other systems can do today.”

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New features of the Akumina EXP include:

  • Experience Builder
    Akumina’s original Page Builder allows IT and developers to create new employee “experiences” such as pages, series of pages, websites, collaboration spaces and more. The new Experience Builder extends this capability to business users at any level, regardless of technical experience. Now, business users can create employee experiences beginning with simple, premade layouts and intuitive configurations – all permissionable or restrictable based on user type.
  • Persona Builder
    Persona Builder provides the framework for establishing various roles in an organization, enabling businesses to develop customized user personas based on job title, job function, language, location and other key factors that define users within their organization. With Persona Builder, IT teams can configure which properties are available to each persona, enabling users to create or hide widgets and pages based on the needs of the employee or team with that profile. Business users can also leverage these personas when creating new employee experiences, targeting the right content to the right audiences.
  • Impersonation Engine
    As new experiences and personas are created and defined, this in turn creates several different spaces that are experienced in various ways depending on an individual’s unique role. The Impersonation Engine lets administrators traverse the experience they’ve created through the eyes of different users, verifying that those users are consuming it in the intended way.
  • Headless 2.0
    These new features are also available for “headless” or decoupled development (outside the SharePoint platform). Teams can now create best-of-breed digital experiences quickly, employing an industry-standard development-staging-production workflow model locally, and then deploying to their sites. This gives developers an agile and unrestricted path to better performance and faster innovation.

With support already in place for Office 365 (and both SharePoint frameworks), native iOS and Android operating systems, Akumina is expanding to deliver the EXP across “any canvas.”

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