AI For Recruiting Technology Company Ideal Announces New Patent

The Patent Builds on Ideal’s Capability to Determine the Best-Fit Candidates for Jobs in a Company.

Ideal, an AI for recruiting technology company, announced the allowance and issuance of US Patent 10,255,585 titled “A system, method and computer program product for determining the suitability of a candidate for a role in an organization.” It makes use of several different data sets to safeguard the system that is configured to create an ideal candidate profile for the chosen role. The patent was issued on the 4th of April, 2019. It builds on Ideal’s capabilities to decide on the perfect candidates for jobs in a firm.

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Intelligent System Backed by AI to Complement Existing HR Systems

The Ideal platform is an intelligent system that complements existing human resource software applications to help recruiters make data-backed, high-volume talent decisions. It uses Artificial Intelligence to scrutinize rich candidate information such as assessments, chatbot conversations, resumes, and performance data. Then, it shortlists and engages ideal candidates for particular positions. As a result of the use of AI, it helps keep any bias at bay. This increases the quality of hires considerably. There are some amazing features integrated into Ideal’s HR platform: Intelligent Screening, Intelligent Automation, Intelligent Chatbot, and Intelligent Rediscovery.

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Intelligent Screening – This feature explores candidate data to screen and automatically shortlist all candidates in real-time. It has a proven track record of providing accurate results.

Intelligent Automation – It smoothly automates monotonous and time-consuming tasks. Hence, it helps recruiters to focus on other productive tasks to improve efficiency and the bottom line.

Intelligent Chatbot – Engages with candidates in real-time, 24/7. In this way, it improves both the candidate experience and recruiter experience.

Intelligent Rediscovery – The rediscovery feature helps improve the talent pool in a matter of seconds. It screens prior candidates from the existing database to find out the best-fit candidates for a role.

Somen Mondal, CEO of Ideal said, “Our team is extremely innovative and research-focused.” He added that the said patent was the direct outcome of the widespread product growth that the development team at Ideal had attained.

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