HR Leaders Now Have Planning Tool for Creating Safe, Effective Workplaces as a Gradual Reopening Nears

As Human Resource leaders begin planning for the gradual reopening of the economy, they and their teams face a daunting task: creating a new workplace where employees can be both safe and effective. Achieving that will mean adjusting – and in many cases, upending – several processes in HR.

To help Human Resource leaders determine the various factors and suggested steps to take, The Conference Board has developed a planning tool that features three essential checklists. Each focuses on a different phase in the reset and recovery timeline: Assessment, Preparation, and Return.

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The planner and accompanying report are free to the public, and can be used by both US and international Human Resource teams. A sample of the tool’s suggestions and considerations for each phase are below:

In the assessment phase:

  • Review and reset business strategy, its impact (if any) on the skills necessary to execute the business model, and the implications for current/future staffing, contractual, or outsourcing arrangements.
  • Assess the need to return at all to the physical workplace and, if so, which workers need to come to the workplace and what work can be done virtually.
  • Assess community readiness, such that schools and health support facilities are open, enabling workers with children, elder-care issues, etc., to be able to return to the workplace.

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