Retirees, Savings, and Side Hustles: Almost One Third of Retirees Consider Temporary Work

Un-retirement is Real, Indeed Flex is a Viable Solution to Offset Living Costs

Almost one third of retirees in the US are considering temporary work, according to new data from Indeed Flex, the online marketplace for flexible and temporary workers. Increased cost of living is the driving force behind why the aging population is considering un-retirement.[1]

  • One third of retirees are considering between 1 and 3 shifts of temporary work per week
  • 42% of working seniors, who have never retired, are also considering layering on temporary work
  • Meanwhile, a fifth (20%) of those polled, have returned to work due to the rise of cost of living

Inflation will likely remain above the Feds 2% target through 2024, according to S&P Global Ratings Q2 Economic Outlook, combined with the U.S. employment summary adding fewer jobs in April[2], flexible work unlocks endless opportunities.

A sign un-retirement is real – Indeed Flex experienced a 70% jump in its active user base over age 62 last month, compared to active accounts from January ’24.[3] Older workers are highly valuable to the labor force, bringing extensive skills and experience.

Going back to work for retirees could be daunting; however flexible work can help make it less intimidating. Given the economy, Indeed Flex empowers job seekers to quickly find short- and long-term employment opportunities through an easy-to-use mobile app. The company also provides employers a suite of flexible staffing solutions and immediate access to a high-quality, vetted workforce.

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66 million beneficiaries of Social Security received a 3.2% COLA bump, however it may not be enough for retirees to keep up with rising costs. Indeed Flex provides a more viable alternative to offset expenses.

Novo Constare, CEO and Co-founder of Indeed Flex, said: “Temporary employment can serve as a sustainable and long-term source of extra income.

“Everyone has their own reasons for choosing to temp, however seniors will benefit from the flexibility that temping offers and the freedom to tailor their work schedule around their lifestyle.

“The face of the temporary worker continues to evolve as a more diverse mix of people is taking on temporary work.

“Flexible work continues to surge in popularity and the core of Indeed Flex, that’s why we’re giving workers choices; work when you want, where you want – and even get paid when you want with Same Day Pay.”

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