Qualtrics Innovations Empower Managers and People Teams to Improve Employee Well-Being and Increase Engagement

 Qualtrics the leader and creator of the experience management category,announced new capabilities in Manager Assist that bring employee behavior data and continuous listening together onto a single platform, giving managers and people teams real-time insights they can act on to build more engaged, inclusive and productive teams.

“Managers and people teams need a continuous pulse on how their employees are thinking, feeling and working, so they can take real-time action to improve well-being and productivity.”

“Engagement data from a quarterly or annual survey on its own is only a slice of the employee experience at a specific point in time, and it’s not enough,” said Qualtrics Chief People Officer Julia Anas. “Managers and people teams need a continuous pulse on how their employees are thinking, feeling and working, so they can take real-time action to improve well-being and productivity.”

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New Manager Assist capabilities analyze digital behavior data to tackle burnout

Nearly four in 10 employees say they are burned out by inefficient processes that were exacerbated by the pandemic, and a majority (58%) say their job is to blame for their mental health problems. Addressing burnout is business-critical; research shows that employees with a good work-life balance are more than twice as likely to go above and beyond.

Understanding how and when people are working is critical to understanding employee wellness and predicting burnout. New capabilities in Manager Assist analyze anonymized employee digital behavior data from workplace apps such as Slack, Google Calendar and others, including how many hours they’re working, how full their calendars are, and whether they are answering work messages after hours. This analysis is done in aggregate, without sacrificing employee privacy.

Continuous listening capabilities give managers and people teams real-time insights for employee engagement and well-being

Businesses today can’t afford to lose quality talent or have a disengaged workforce, especially during a challenging macroeconomic climate. Yet, as many leaders frequently navigate through difficult organizational changes, including some their employees disagree with, it’s critical to keep a close pulse on how employees are doing and feeling. A new feature within Manager Assist gives managers weekly insights to improve employees’ experiences, without having to rely on annual or quarterly engagement surveys alone.

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Only Qualtrics can natively combine these behavior insights with employee experience data gathered from structured sources, like surveys, as well as from unstructured sources through EX Discover’s continuous listening capabilities. By bringing this information together into a single view, Qualtrics helps managers and people teams truly know how employees are doing in the moment across the most impactful drivers of engagement—such as well-being, inclusion, expectations vs. experiences and intent-to-stay—and take in-the-moment action. With continuous listening capabilities, HR can transform from being static and reactive to real time and predictive.

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